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Our second interviewed artist is another talented and contributing member of the Sketchfab community. We have used his work to showcase the service and we have been looking forward to sharing his design process with you.


Could you introduce yourself to our readers: Who are you and where are you from?

Hello, my name is Karol and I live in central Poland since I can remember.

Can you tell us about what aspects of 3D you specialise in? 

The main area is poly modelling. With everything needed to make the model ready to use: from texturing, basic rigging, simple animations and rendering.

How did you first get started in 3D? What attracted you to it as a career?

As soon as I started being curious how models in games I had been playing were made, I wanted to start creating them. I began with old Zanoza Modeller, creating mods for games like GTA. Finally my brother encouraged me to learn Blender and then I started learning and creating serious stuff.

Do you have any academic training or are you self-taught?

Only some tutorials telling me how to use software and its features.

Do you currently have a job in industry?

Currently I am freelancing, but I wouldn’t mind a nice full-time job.

How did you come across Sketchfab and how does it help you in your career?

I read article on and instantly became interested. I saw some sites with similar ideas, but none of them worked on my PC before. So when I saw Sketchfab I was like: wow, that’s it!  I gained some more attention thanks to it. It also gives me nice possibilities while I’m thinking on creating a new portfolio.

Tell us a little bit about your creative process and how you go about starting a project

First I need a good idea. That’s the most important part. Rest is about collecting references, creating concept, and finally, execution.

Of all your current pieces currently on Sketchfab, which one is your favourite and why?

I think it’s Daft Punk. It’s a part of bigger project I’m working on, which is still in progress.

Do you have any personal projects at the moment?

Yes, the one I mentioned above and a bit more. I can’t tell much about them for now, but they are all related to different areas of games industry.

Do you have any hobbies that help influence your work?

I think it’s photography, mostly.

Do you have any hobbies that allow you to get away from the computer screen?

I think it’s photography, mostly, haha! I used to ride bicycle a lot as well.

Do you work traditionally as well as digitally?

Not that much. I focus on digital creations, but from time to time I like to do something away from the screen.

What is a normal day like for you?

Lots of coffee and sitting in front of the screen most of the day, doing stuff. In summer cycling as well.

Are you active in any other communities?

I spend lots of time on deviantART, it’s an awesome place to find inspiration. Also Max3D, the site I am the most related to. Sometimes I show up on Polycount, and Behance lastly.

Have you received any great pieces of advice or inspiration from anyone to help you in your career?

Yes, of course. I have received many useful pieces of advice, ideas and feedback from some really talented artists.  But the most experience I get is working with people on common projects. There is nothing better than seeing the same issue from someone else’s perspective. It gives a nice point of view.

Karol has also prepared a special scene (related to “Mr Geary” iOS game) to release along with his interview and uploaded it to Sketchfab, check it out!

~ Sorry, this model has been deleted :'( ~

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