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Have you ever come across a 3D model on Sketchfab and thought, man I wish this thing was real? Like really real. Like life size. Wouldn’t that be so cool? 3D printing is awesome and all, but sometimes that just doesn’t do it for me.

We here at Sketchfab felt that it was something needed to be addressed, and thats why we created the new Holofab button!


Thats right, with this button and just a few simple materials you yourself can project any model on Sketchfab in hologram form!

Best of all its only 3 simple steps, so you’ll be on the road to rapping with Tupac in no time!

Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • A digital projector,
  • A can of hairspray,
  • 3 adjustable desk lamps,
  • Heavy things to help prop up the projector,
  • A tape measure,
  • A marker,


and of course an awesome Sketchfab model(on a computer)!

1/ First things first you’ll need to mark the spot on the ground where you want the hologram to be projected. Mark it with an X with the marker.  Measure exactly 2 meters away from the mark and place a desk lamp pointed towards the center.

Repeat with other two desk lamps so that the mark is lit from 3 angles evenly.


The third desk lamp is just out of shot 🙁

2/ Now set up the projector on the mark with the lens facing up towards the ceiling. Use heavy things to prop it up securely.


Books work great for propping the projector perpendicular to the ground!

3/ Now plug your projector into you computer and open any Sketchfab model up. I chose Tee Vee by our new user randomdraggon because it’s the “Cutest lil T.V. head to exist”. Too cute!

You should find the holofab button on the top left corner of the model:


There may be a short wait time here, as generating the hologram is a little tricky, but it should be done in under 32 hours or so. But don’t worry the wait is worth it.


Did I say 3 steps earlier? Oops.

4/ Once the projection has been initiated, turn on the 3 lamps, and grab the bottle of hairspray.


Spray the hairspray above the projector and gradually you will see your Sketchfab model come to life right before your eyes!


This is seriously so cool, you have to try it!

Let us see what models you were able to hologramify with #holofab on twitter, we would love to see photo’s of your models in your living rooms, boats, roofs, and any other places you might utilize Holofab. 

Also, happy first day of April you guys, so exciting to start a new month isn’t it?


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