Introducing Qlone with Sketchfab Support

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We’re proud to announce another exciting integration today. Qlone, releasing today with Sketchfab support out-of-the-box is a revolutionary new all-in-one 3D scanning tool for your iPhone or iPad.

Thanks to the unique approach of using a self-printed AR mat to guide your scan, scanning is both fast and accurate on a variety of sizes of objects. You can even merge two different poses of the same object (such as the top or base) to get an even better result.

Once scanned, if needed, Qlone then allows you to make a series of adjustments without needing to leave your device or use a third-party software.

Finally, you can then export your scan in a variety of standard formats for use in other 3D tools and projects. And importantly, in just a few taps, share your work online and to Facebook through Sketchfab.

Head to the iTunes store to download Qlone today.

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