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Have you taken our new Annotations for a spin yet? They’re a great way to add more story and interaction to your designs!

In our new contest we’re challenging you to tell YOUR story using a 3D model of the earth. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • where you’ve lived

  • where you’ve been
  • your favorite places on earth

  • your favorite architecture

  • where your company’s offices are located

We’ll get you started with a 3D earth model that our lead designer Maurice created (download an OBJ or Blender file). Feel free to change it, add structures to it etc. It’s your world, so just have fun! Quick tip to enhance your entry: you can add urls in your annotations, to link to more info on the places you are pointing to.

The Sketchfab team will be picking their favorite entry, taking into account originality and social love.

So, how would you annotate your Earth? Are you ready? Go!


  • Download the OBJ or Blender earth file if you don’t have an earth model already.

  • Share your Annotated Earth model on your own Sketchfab account by Sunday, August 10, midnight EST with #AnnotatedEarth in the title

  • We will pick the winner on Monday, August 11th. We will base our choice on originality but also on the number of views and likes.

  • The winner will receive one year of Sketchfab Pro account, or a Sketchfab hoody if he already has a Pro account.

Good luck!

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