Laan Labs Adds Sketchfab Upload Integration

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Company background

Laan Labs, founded over 10 years ago, specializes in mobile apps using computer vision and machine learning. The company has created several #1 ranked apps that have been downloaded over 50 million times. As well as app development, the company also provides consulting services, providing solutions to Venmo, Twitter, Vimeo, Nike, HBO, and Spotify, among others.

3D Scanner App, a newly released free app for the iPad Pro with LIDAR, allows users to quickly scan and apply photo textures to 3D captures. The app supports exporting in numerous formats including OBJ, USDZ, GLTF and does not require any signup or cloud service to complete and share a scan.

Sketchfab integration

3D Scanner App integrated the Sketchfab Upload API so users can easily share their scans on the web. Sketchfab’s easy-to-implement API was a great fit for the app as it provided the perfect way to expand the app’s functionality and engage Sketchfab’s community.


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