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London Meetup Report

A group of 12 Sketchfab members met up at Create Space in London last night. Meetup host Andy Lewis reports on the evening.

I kicked off with a welcome, then we went round the group, each of us giving a very short overview of our activities and interests, which ranged from Adi and her work with The British Museum to several people who were interested to understand 3D scanning.

  • Wojtek told us about his design work in Blender.
  • Ian, a building surveyor, was interested in using 3D scanning in his work.
  • Adam is involved in Building Services Engineering and in researching the use of 3D for his company.
  • Daniel Told us about his work with Third World Pixel on a video game called Hive Wars.
  • Alisdair is starting a course in Fine Art and Digital Art and wanted to understand how Sketchfab may be of use to him.
  • Sophie was doing research on behalf of her company.
  • Rob wanted to know all about everything! 🙂
  • And I didn’t get a chance to talk to Marcus but I look forward to having a good chat with him next time.

We had people from up to 200km away – Ian came all the way from Nottingham and one or two others live further away, work around the country and happened to be in the area. To be honest, actual Londoners were almost in a minority! After the introductions, Adi gave us some more detail about her work with MicroPasts and that brought on a wide-ranging discussion about photogrammetry before we broke up for refreshments – provided by Paula – and plenty of chatting, while we admired the Matter and Form and Roland Piczma scanners and their resulting work, which included several lamps, which had been scanned and 3D printed by Kevin. One was a scan of a sugar cube which made a beautiful light.

I was intending to take scans of everyone but only managed two:

Adi Keinan-Sch­oonbaert of MicroPasts
by Pot8oSh3D
on Sketchfab

Tom Flynn
by Pot8oSh3D
on Sketchfab

We didn’t get to discuss much about choice of future venues but all agreed that we should agree something on the forum and it would probably be a good idea to move the meetup around London, perhaps choosing 3 or 4 venues and cycling around them.

Now we’ve put faces to names, I’m sure we’ll be chatting far more and throwing useful snippets around the group.

It was great to meet the guys who could make it. A pity some weren’t able to make it but we look forward to meeting them next time.

Thanks Andy!

Next up: meetups in Madrid, Berlin and Charlotte, NC. To stay up to date, check out Community Calendar regularly.

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