Madrid Meetup: ZBrush masterclass with David Fernández Barruz, Sept 25

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Sketchfab members in Madrid are lucky this month! During our second Sketchfab community meetup in Madrid on Friday September 25, ZBrush superstar David Fernández Barruz will speak about his work in a free ZBrush masterclass. Learn more about David and his work in his recent Art Spotlight on the Sketchfab blog.

Néstor F. Marqués, who hosts this event for us, writes:

Hi everyone, on september 25, we will be hosting the second Sketchfab event in Madrid. This time the main subject will be 3D sculpting and modeling.

David Fernández Barruz, expert 3D sculptor, will talk about 3D modeling and sculpting for creating miniature figures.

He is going to make a masterclass about Zbrush character modeling for 3D printing and mass production. Also he will explain how to upload and easily adjust his figures to Sketchfab.

Afterwards we can have a debate where we can ask, discuss and share experiences around 3D and Sketchfab.

To join the event, please RSVP on our Facebook page (or if you’re not on Facebook, email Bart).


  • When: September 25, at 18:30
  • Where: Facultad de informática de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid – the exact location will follow

Daisy Reed – Steampunk Girl
by davidfbarruz
on Sketchfab

– Bart


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