Magic Leap Creation App Spatiate Brings Sketchfab Export

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With the recent release of the Magic Leap One, it may be earlier days for the general public’s access to Magic Leap, but the team at Across Realities have already launched their creation app – Spatiate – and have added support for direct upload of your creations to Sketchfab.

If you’re fortunate enough to own, or have access to, the Magic Leap One, then grab your headset and jump into Spatiate. Spatiate allows you to paint spatial 3D artwork in the real world by utilizing spatial computing on the Magic Leap.

And better yet, you can share your latest spatial creation with the world in a matter of minutes with direct upload to Sketchfab. Creators like johnhanacek, cobyp, and andresornelas have already begun sharing theirs!

Further, Spatiate lets creators share co-presence and draw together. Whether in the same room or far away, users can create art, prototype ideas, and share their digital reality.

To learn more about Spatiate, visit their website, or follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook. And check out every upload to Sketchfab by visiting our dedicated Spatiate tag page.

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