Meet Dmitry Grebenkov, our first member to reach 1,000 followers!

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Dmitry Grebenkov is a real Sketchfab rockstar! Many of his models have gone viral and he has quickly climbed to 1,000 followers. His ’Riot art contest Caitlyn’ is even in our top-20 of most watched models of all time!

With so many fans, I thought we should learn a bit more about him. So, meet Dmitry!

Hey Dmitry, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello! My name is Dmitry. I’m married, and I have a cat 🙂 I’m originally from Russia but just now I moved to Spain, Barcelona. Such a great city to live in! Sea, sun, no snow in winter (lol). I have a college degree but got almost no knowledge from that time, so I am almost self taught in 2d and 100% self taught in 3d. I was doing art for many years, 2d illustrations and around 2009 I got interested in 3d art. For some years I was just playing with it from time to time, then on my job we decided to make a 3d game. From that time on I was creating 3d mostly for my job, but about a bit more than half a year ago I decided to dive into it with all I have and made my Dark Cultist model. It was very interesting experience and after that i’m enjoy 3d very very much 🙂

Dark Cultist
by Dmitry Grebenkov
on Sketchfab

What do you do for a living? Are you in the games industry?

Yes, I have been in the game industry for more than 6 years if you count office jobs, and more than that if you count freelance jobs. Actually my first freelance job was to paint illustrations for a game. That game was released in 2004. Right now I am working in Socialpoint as a 3d texture artist. Great use of my 2d experience and knowledge 😉

Which applications do you have in your toolbox?

My main applications are Maya, Z-brush, 3d coat, Photoshop. Slowly learning Blender cos it is very interesting editor for me. It can do same things as Maya but in a different ways. Big fun 🙂

by Dmitry Grebenkov
on Sketchfab

What does a typical project look like for you?

Unfortunately I started not long ago and did do not enough personal projects to have something that can be called typical. For me every project is a challenge to improve myself and a way of creating a result that I wish for. That is, in my opinion, what personal projects are all about. And I can’t talk about my fulltime job projects.

What are you currently working on?

In between the craziness that happened around changing country that I live in I started working on a nextgen model – 3d recreation of one of my 2d characters. Hope to have any free time soon that I will spend on working on that character. It will be sexy 😀

Riot art contest Caitlyn
by Dmitry Grebenkov
on Sketchfab

How important is Sketchfab for your work?

For me the moment when I opened Sketchfab to myself was the moment when I understood that there is a finally a great place and all sorts of embed options to show 3d properly. Before that it was strange – you create 3d and show it as 2d renders. Especially for game models. And now, when the technology has advanced further it become even more fun to create and share 3d art. You can have a PBR render 3d model in your Facebook! Say that to me 2 years ago I would have had a good laugh 😀

Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Thank you guys! I’m glad and deeply honored that you like my works! It is very important for me to have such a great response on what I do and it inspires and motivates me to create more stuff. I’m sorry that I’ve been not active lately but I promise to change that! I hope that you like experiments cos I will be jumping between styles, technologies, polycounts and all sorts of stuff. I have so many ideas! I hope it will be interesting for you to see the results! Spoiler alert: there will be many boobs 😉



Thanks Dmitry!

See more of Dmitry’s work on his Sketchfab page and his ArtStation.

– Bart


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