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We had a chance to chat with Josh Harker at the New York 3D Printshow in February. His latest project “Mazzo di Fiori” is ending tomorrow on Kickstarter, so we took this occasion to publish the quick interview we made with him on the exhibition floor, with the floral sculpture as a background. You can check out the full floral series here, and the assembled Mazzo di Fiori below.

Mazzo di Fiori by Joshua Harker on Sketchfab

Although the sound is very bad (sorry about that! poor iphone recording… 🙂 it’s great to learn more about his creation process and how he got involved with 3D printing.

“A lot of the subjects I was trying to make in 3 dimensions as a sculptor couldn’t be made in any other way [then 3D printing]”

Josh Harker Interview from Sketchfab on Vimeo.

We already backed the project a few days ago, you have until tomorrow to do the same!

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