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The Sketchfab Masters are a group of super passionate and active community members. They are helping us run community activities, write tutorials and help out community members with support and feedback.

Today, meet Christoph Schoch, one of our Masters who has a prolific career in character designs for shows and games. 

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Christoph (I also sometimes go by “The Stoff”) and I’m a Character Artist living in Ontario. I currently work in the animation industry at a studio called Guru Studio. Previously I worked at Arc Productions on Thomas and Friends and Later Max Steel. For Thomas and Friends I developed models for Season 20 and 2 specials called The Adventure Begins and Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure. On Max Steel I modelled some of the new characters added in the animated films Team Turbo and Team Turbo Fusion-Tek.


Shot from the adventure begins


Cover of the lost treasure


Characters I modeled for Max Steel

Besides that animation work I also create art for games. My goal is to eventually move over to creating game art exclusively. I currently do some freelance for small studios as well as assist my friend Harold with his studio Mintah games as well as a few other friends on some hobby projects. Not to mention I also enjoy creating games on my own which I do under Triple Dot Games.


Promotion image for Mintah Game’s Ocean Drift

What is your expertise?

I have always been passionate about creating games and telling stories. The old NES and SNES had a certain allure to me. It was really cool to see an interactive tool with so many possibilities. I can’t remember a time where I’ve felt differently although before I knew all the computer stuff I’d create small board games. A while later I learned of Game Maker and had fun with that. Finally I was introduced to Maya 8 in high-school. My expertise became character creation. Bringing a character to life is what I like to do most. Of course I would never give up my original passion of creating games all on my own. I later learned basic programming which allowed me to take everything a step further. I returned to designing and developing games which you could call a sub-expertise.


Mobile game called loot runner I developed with a couple friends


Standalone Character for Design Practice

How do you use Sketchfab?

I use Sketchfab to share my art in an interactive way without having to worry about too many technical things. Creating games is always a blast but sometimes I just like to create one-off characters that can just be presented as is. Sometimes I’ll take existing designs and interpret them in 3D and other times I’ll use my own designs.

What will you be working on for the Sketchfab Masters?

As a Sketchfab Master my primary goal is to teach and help my peers where I can. I like to go around the forums to see and give feedback. I will be developing lessons on character creation for games as well as animation and integration into game engines such as Unity and Unreal. As a possible goal I’d also like to start organizing collaborative art events such as art jams. An example could be having a concept that everyone tries to model. In this way everyone can see how their peers would tackle the same problems. I’m looking to create an environment where we can learn from each other and not feel like we’re in a void.

Tutorial on voxel animation:

I currently have done a few video tutorials which can be found over here.

Also just to associate faces, this is me 🙂


More of my art can be found at:

My Website




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