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Meet the Masters: Christoph Schoch

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The Sketchfab Masters are a group of super passionate and active community members. They are helping us run community activities, write tutorials, and help out community members with support and feedback.

Today, meet Christoph Schoch, one of our Masters who has a prolific career in character designs for shows and games. 


My name is Christoph! I would consider myself a character creator and storyteller. I’m a Character Modeler from Ontario, Canada now living in Los Angeles, California who’s currently working with an awesome team at a game studio called Singularity 6. Beyond that, I also work on a few small game projects in my free time, including an adventure game called Infinite Sky, which is a 3D adventure game that you can learn more about on Twitter. No matter how much you love your job, I always highly recommend pursuing your own visions in your free time. It keeps you creative!

I started my career in 3D animation at a studio called Arc Productions, first on Thomas and Friends and later Max Steel. I later moved to Guru Animation for a couple of years as a 3D modeler and later a lead. I decided to leave there to pursue my original goal of working in games.

I continued as a freelance character modeler, during which time I worked for a number of game studios including Meta Games and their game Slayers for Hire, Omnom Workshop on games like Vainglory and Remnant, and Ubisoft on Gods and Monsters.

Recently I’ve also been delving a bit more into design. Like I said earlier, it’s important to pursue your own ideas and I want to get better at telling stories through character!

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How I Use Sketchfab

I use Sketchfab to share my art in an interactive way without having to worry about too many technical things. Creating games is always a blast but sometimes I just like to create one-off characters that can just be presented as-is. Sometimes I’ll take existing designs and interpret them in 3D and other times I’ll use my own designs.

Masters Activities

As a Sketchfab Master I mainly participate in the contests held on Sketchfab, but my primary goal is to teach and help my peers where I can. I like to go around the forums to see what folks are sharing and give feedback where I can.

More of my art can be found at:

My WebsiteArtStationFacebookInstagram


About the author

Christoph Schoch

Character creator and storyteller


  • Nice read!
    An going to check out those games asap!
    I keep flip flopping between game and animation work 🙂 so I get where your coming from

  • Fern says:

    This site is really cool. I have bookmarked it. Do you allow guest posting on your site ?

    I can write hi quality posts for you. Let me know.

  • Seori Sachs says:

    Hi Fern,

    What do you have in mind? We can re-publish blog posts of yours if that works too!

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