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The Sketchfab Masters are a group of super passionate and active community members. They are helping us run community activities, write tutorials, and help out community members with support and feedback.

Today, we’re introducing scientific illustrator and early Sketchfab adopter Mieke Roth.

Hello Mieke, can you introduce yourself?

I am Mieke Roth, a scientific 3D modeler specializing in animal anatomy. Since 2004 I have worked for universities, research institutes, governmental institutes, and other science-related organizations. I have an MSc in Animal Sciences (Wageningen University) and my last regular job before this was as an Information Architect at ABN AMRO.

I run my own business at

What is your expertise?

Since 2012, I have switched from all kinds of science subjects to mainly animal anatomy. My work stands out because I strive for accuracy and clarity. If possible I dissect the animals myself, but now I have a huge network of scientists who can help me with (micro)CT scans and scientific data to make sure that the work I make can withstand the toughest criticism. Most of my work can be considered a kind of visual literature study of that particular animal. Within the work, I strive for an accurate representation of the anatomy of an animal in such a way that it can be used in anatomy education. And the way I make the models ensures that they can be used on all levels of education if at the elementary school or university level.

How do you use Sketchfab?

I first started to use Sketchfab as a portfolio for my 3D stuff, but now I am mainly using it as a base for my animal anatomy applications. And I use it more and more to communicate with my clients. I’ve noticed it’s still a big leap for most clients, but it enables them to see the work evolve and they can comment on the actual models instead of renders for example. It’s a perfect way to get my clients engaged in the work and it makes sure that they get the end result they paid for.

I can’t imagine living without Sketchfab anymore.

What will you be working on for the Sketchfab Masters?

I am one of the #SciArt (Scientific Art) ambassadors within the Sketchfab Master’s group. I make sure news about Sketchfab and the work of community members get noticed on Twitter, but I mainly advertise the use of Sketchfab with universities, museums, and companies that are in STEM.

I will be working on getting Sketchfab used as the tool to communicate scientific subjects on every level.

About the author

Mieke Roth, MSc.

I am Mieke Roth, MSc., from the Netherlands, scientific illustrator since 2004 for universities, research institutes, governmental institutes, and other science-related organizations. I am mainly working in 3D, making (animated) apps with the use of Sketchfab, Blender, and ZBrush. I am a Sketchfab Master.


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