Meet MAT 2: The 2020 Substance 3D Painting Contest

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Our friends at Substance have just launched a cool new contest where you get to texture MAT, the updated version of their well-known art toy mascot.

Once again, the rules are simple: texture MAT in Substance Painter and compete with fellow artists in front of a world-class jury for a trove of amazing prizes.

There’s a new take on the contest this year, though: with the addition of displacement in Substance Painter, you can now use height data to alter the shape and silhouette of our character.

You can download a 30-day Substance Painter trial to participate. Also, any new Substance Painter users on Sketchfab will automatically receive one month of Sketchfab PRO! Tag your entry on Sketchfab with #MeetMAT2 to be featured in the contest gallery.

You can find the full details of this contest on the Substance blog.

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  • Avatar Chris says:

    Hi. How did you make the ears to stick out and the red button because Im trying to make something to stick out of the meet mats head but its not working.

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