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In our Meet the Team series, we talk to Michael Calvert today to find out what he works on and what drives him. If that name sounds familiar, you’re right! Michael is a game developer and aspiring 3D artist.

Hi Michael! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Thanks Bart! My name is Michael and I’ve been a gamer my entire life. It started with Super Mario Bros, then Dungeons and Dragons through primary school, Magic cards in high school, and Starcraft during college. The best part of a game community is the social interactions with other gamers. Sometimes online, and sometimes in real life. As I’ve grown up, I have started to grow a larger appreciation for the art in games. Even started learning to develop games myself.

What are you working on here at Sketchfab?

Simply, I’m a friend to all games.

In this role I work directly with game artists, developers and marketing teams from game studios around the world. I advise and educate them on how to use Sketchfab to promote, share, receive feedback on their 3D content and leverage our 3D viewer to get more engagement.

You can learn more about it at

What are you most excited about?

WebVR. Being able to use any virtual reality (vr) headset on the web is really thrilling as a consumer and game developer.

What is your favourite model on Sketchfab?

Can you tell us about your own game projects?

I’ve just started working on a virtual reality game called “Everything’s a Drum”. Everything’s a Drum is a virtual reality drumming game for the HTC Vive, where you (the player) are given a pair of drumsticks and have the ability to move and interact with the world environment where each objects can produce a sound. That’s the general gist. I’ve also been learning Blender for the first time with this project, here’s what was done our first day to test:

Follow the game on

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