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In our Meet the Team series, we talk to Seori Sachs today to find out about her background and what she’s up to at Sketchfab. Relatively new to the team, she’s our Community & Communications Support.

Hi Seori! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Thanks Bart! I actually came from a gaming background, specifically audio. I think what draws me to the medium is just how interactive and non-linear it is. I’ve always loved and been intrigued by how audio could be so adaptive to what was going on in-game. It was (and is) like magic to me. Recently I’ve taken the time to learn how to do itself and looked behind the metaphorical curtain for that process, but to see it done successfully is always still so inspiring to me.

What kind of work do you create as CG/Game artist?

CG art has always fascinated me and I have the utmost respect for people who do it. However, I personally ended up on the audio side. Right now, I’m working on modifying a game called Gone Home with blind players in mind. This means it’s going to be a lot more audio based, with more audio cues than the original game, voice over, and slight changes to the game mechanics. It’s a work in progress! While I didn’t create the art from scratch, I built the environment from the pieces from the kind artist who worked on the original game and got an up-close look at 3D art that I haven’t before. I have done basic model creation in Maya and Blender but am ignorant of the complexities. Hope my time at Sketchfab changes that!

What are you working on here at Sketchfab?

I work on the Community team, meaning I get the privilege of reaching out the wider Sketchfab community and bringing in people. I work closely with Paul and Bart on streamlining the social media process, writing/editing blogs,  reaching out to people, and the like. I am curious and excited to see how my role expands as I spend more time here, though.

What are you most excited about now that you’re on the team?

I am excited to test to limits of VR. Sketchfab has already done some amazing things with it and as I have dabbled with VR from a gaming perspective in the past, I’d love to use VR in other areas. Getting to see some of your guys’ work on Cardboard is really impressive! I’m also excited to forge relationships with the community. Everyone is really talented and I want as many people to see your work as I can bring over!

What is your favorite model on Sketchfab

This was a hard one to decide but ultimately I loved the storytelling in this one. The delicate and clean lines, the quiet lighting, and the pop of colors from the lone character tells a story of solitude and isolation in a bleak world. It definitely makes me want to play the game that this is for.

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