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About me

I am Klaas Nienhuis and I live in Schiedam in The Netherlands. I run a development company that deals mostly with 3D-related projects such as 3D configurators or 3D tooling for 3ds Max. My first steps into 3D as a kid were with the level editor of Duke Nukem 3D. I’ve used 3D during my architecture study and in the 10 years after working at the visualization company DPI Animation House. 3ds Max is my tool of choice because of its versatility, extendability, and its capability to deal with CAD models very well.

For about 8 years I’ve been running my own business. I create scripts and interactive experiences for clients all over the world. The scripts for 3ds Max I make on my own. The websites I create together with a team of developers and designers. Check out some examples on my website.

Personal work on Sketchfab

My first upload to Sketchfab in 2012 is probably well known to early users of Sketchfab. It’s the Maison d’Artiste designed by Cornelis van Eesteren and Theo van Doesburg. In general, the models I upload are for clients and private, although I have made the occasional scan.

3ds Max Exporter

I’ve built and still maintain the 3ds Max exporter for Sketchfab. Building that script also started my business of creating 3D experiences with Sketchfab. I specialize in dealing with large libraries of 3D models and automated processing. Just knowing a little bit of scripting in 3ds Max (or your tool of choice) can make your life so much easier!

3ds max exporter screenshot

3D Configurators

I love working together with my team on 3D configurators. A 3D configurator brings together many skills: 3D, API development, interaction and graphic design, and frontend and backend development. It’s always a joy to work with the Sketchfab platform, the models look beautiful and it just works.

Here are some examples of my work:

klaas nienhuis gas grill

Gas grill configurator

fdomes configurator

F.Domes configurator

Excavator demo

Masters Program

As a Sketchfab Master, I will focus mostly on helping out in the community with API-related matters. I also hope to push Sketchfab to add more features to its API so we can all build more exciting stuff!

About the author

Klaas Nienhuis

I’m a 3D software developer and I create online interactive experiences for products. I’m based in Schiedam, The Netherlands.

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  • Andrei Ionut Apopei says:

    Great 3D configurators! I can’t wait to start playing with the API.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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