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Hi there! My name is Vytautas Ramanauskas, also known as Warkarma. I was born in Lithuania, but moved to the United Kingdom in my early 20s and have lived here ever since.

My childhood passion for video games led me on the path of game development and 3D arts. I joined a game dev course at Bournemouth University where I learned to program and model with 3ds Max. The programming was never as fun and relaxing as CGI for me, so I have settled mostly on 3D art.

During and after Uni, I worked on a few small projects as a generalist 2D/3D freelancer using Photoshop, Illustrator, and 3ds Max, however I have never had a chance to use my skills in the AAA industry. So, long story short, I made a couple of my own games and self-published them on iOS and Android.

The first game was “Honey Hunt” made with Unity back in 2012. It is a side-scrolling arcade-ish flying game for iOS. Your goal was simple, dodge everything in your way! Remember “Flappy Bird”?

The second one was made with Construct 2 for Android and released in 2017. I called it “HeLa Challenge”, it is a quick tapping/swapping game and your goal is to squish as many green bacteria as possible before the time runs out.

Of course, they both failed hard xD but this never stopped me from improving my skills and starting a new game project. It’s still a work in progress, and I’m planning to have a playable demo by the end of this year. This time even more polished and fully 3D 🙂

My go-to 3D software for a long time was 3ds Max, but since Blender version 2.8 came out, I haven’t touched Max. I feel like Blender has helped me to push my 3D skills even further, so I am not planning to go back.


My particular focus has been 3D props for video games. I usually would create a high polygon model for baking normal, AO, and curvature maps and retopologize them to the point where they are usable in game engines such as Unity or UE4.

As an example: Explosive pack

Explosive Pack by Warkarma on Sketchfab

Another one: Nuke pack

Nuke Pack by Warkarma on Sketchfab

However, since I started joining Sketchfab’s challenges, I broke out of my comfort zone and I am now experimenting even more with 3D. I am modelling things I would never have even considered before, and I am pushing my boundaries with each new project.

My personal favourite: Shark in a bowl

And Cabriolet from the concept:

How I use Sketchfab

First of all, let me say this: Sketchfab is amazing! I love the way you can inspect the models from every angle directly in your browser. It really opens up a new level for anyone who is considering buying or downloading the model. I have yet to see any other platform that does this so well. It also saves so much time for the artist since you don’t have to render every single side of the model with an offline renderer.

The 3D editor is really simple and very powerful. Just the ability to adjust the post-processing, lighting, and background even after you uploaded the model is amazing, it makes your model really pop! I sometimes find myself tinkering with the settings after a few weeks and improving the overall looks of the scene even further. It’s much harder to do that with old renders after a few years! Files get lost, plugins don’t work, etc. 🙁

Sketchfab Labs is a great addition to the whole platform as well. I usually make high-resolution screenshots there and promote my work on other platforms such as Twitter or ArtStation with links to my original work on Sketchfab.

I don’t have a VR headset, but I bet it is mindblowing to explore scenes made by many great artists on Sketchfab in virtual reality.

And last but not least, I’d like to give a shout out to the Sketchfab community. I’ve never seen so many good people in one place before! They are fantastic artists and always ready to help out with great feedback and a kind word.

What I do as Sketchfab Master

At Sketchfab, I focus on helping others on the forums and Discord. I try to help with any problems they’re having with 3D work, and to guide them further to their desired result.

My most favourite activity at Sketchfab is being a part of the judging team for some of the great challenges Sketchfab offers. I’m always stunned at how artists can create these amazing things in such a short time. Sometimes I’ll even give it a go myself as a participant!

So what’s next for me? I actually have an interesting idea for a tutorial in mind, so stay tuned! For now, you can always find all of my models on Sketchfab totally free for you to enjoy! 🙂

Have fun and never give up!



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