Modo exporter 2.0

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The MODO exporter is a plugin that lets you publish your creations to Sketchfab with 1 click directly from MODO. It’s the easiest way to publish MODO creations in 3D and VR online.

Hello MODO artists! The MODO community on Sketchfab is growing and you have already published tons of great models you can be proud of (see our MODO tag page)! We listened to your feedback and upgraded the MODO exporter with the following new features:

  • Animation support: the exporter now exports FBX files with animations
  • Ability to publish private models or keep them as draft
  • Easy login: you can now signup and login directly from MODO, forget about your API Token
  • Better zipping: Your files will take less space and will upload faster
  • Fluid UI: you’ll enjoy the improvements
  • Compatible with MODO 10.1 onwards

Download it from the Modo exporter page to make your life easier!

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