Mozilla Hubs now supports importing models from Sketchfab

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Mozilla has spent the past few months building upon its initial preview release of “Hubs”. Hubs is a virtual social meeting environment. A place to get together with friends using WebVR and your favorite VR headset. Meetings can be set up by sharing a link just like joining a conference call.

Now, in addition to meeting with friends, hubs allows you to bring in images, videos, and documents into the virtual environment by pasting a link from another browser window. That’s a great way to discuss and view common materials together with friends and colleagues.

Better yet? Thanks to our Download API, you can paste in the URL from any Sketchfab model that’s available for download to bring 3D models into the environment to view together. Don’t forget, thanks to our community, we have hundreds of thousands of Creative Commons licensed downloadable models.

Animated image courtesy of Mozilla.

Hubs and its support for Sketchfab is still in beta but Mozilla is continuing to refine and optimize the experience and Hubs shows amazing promise for the future of getting together online.

If you don’t have a VR headset handy or want to join or start a get together without one you can also join directly from your browser and even from your mobile device.

To give Hubs a try, visit their website, set up a room, and invite your friends!

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities made possible by our Download API, be sure to check out our documentation, and check out other examples of Sketchfab integration.

This article features Sketchfab models from:
railekkotbfgTonys_87yenvydinh2295Tonys_87, and samuelmetters.

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  • Unfortunately I am not able to get Sketchfab app. I tried downloading it from Google Play but it kept showing unknown error your device don’t have enough storage however I have around 10 GB of free storage which I assume is a lot. How do I fix it Paul any solution?

  • Avatar runemark says:

    Hi! I gave Hubs a try and it works fine with static models, however it seems animations are not supported yet – at least I tried to import one of my animated models and it showed up as an image. However it had no problem importing a non-animated, rigged character. Any ideas about that?

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