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In our continued efforts to always improve our loading speed and viewer capacities, we just released multi-resolution textures! This feature has two main advantages:

  • the viewer will load textures faster, starting with a lower resolution and switching to a higher one
  • for devices having a lower texture cap (for example a Macbook air 13" can be limited to displaying 4096×4096 textures), it will still display a texture, when before you had black textures when resolution was too high.

Nans Mansion by 3dmelbourne on Sketchfab

For now this feature is only available for new uploads, but we plan to process older models as well so that they have it too. Next step: model compression and automatic mesh reduction, stay tuned!

We also added a texture loading progress bar. Below is an example of two level of textures, we hope you’ll enjoy this little improvement 🙂



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