New Blender Market launches, uses Sketchfab for asset visualization

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The team behind CG Cookie and Blend Swap have launched a new initiative: the Blender Market. As the Blender community continues to become more and more professional, there’s an increasing demand for high-quality assets and tools that are well maintained. The Blender Market aims to fulfill this need while still giving back to the Blender community.


Blender Market’s Jonathan William comments:

The Blender Community has always been very good about sharing. Whether sharing great models on Blender Artists, advanced scripts in IRC, or useful resources on Blend Swap. But one problem we’ve always had is keeping track of, maintaining, and sustaining the development of these resources for professional use. Working artists and studios need assurance that an asset or tool will be actively supported.

The Blender Market hopes to improve this by creating a dedicated place for artists to find the resources and tools they need. On day one we already have a strong collection of models, shaders, scene setups, and add ons! Go find what you need!”

The Blender Market fully supports Blender by allowing vendors to donate a percentage of their sales to the Blender Development fund. In addition, 5% of the sales during the first 90 days of business will be donated as well.

One of the main sections of the Market is the Models category. And what better tool to help sell a 3D asset than with Sketchfab real-time 3D? Check out some of these models:

Shoes Pack, by AVI:

Medieval Street Props, by Rob Tuytel:

We’re excited to be part of this adventure and wish the Blender Market the best of luck!

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