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New Masterpiece Studio Adds Sketchfab Export

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Introducing Masterpiece Studio

MasterpieceVR, a company known for its interactive sculpting and painting tools, is introducing Masterpiece Studio, a software that allows non-technical creative professionals to easily create and animate 3D models in VR. Once you have created your 3D model, you can upload it directly to Sketchfab using Masterpiece Studio’s built-in Sketchfab exporter.

masterpiece studio sketchfab

What is Masterpiece Studio?

Masterpiece Studio is a powerful 3D creation software composed of two programs that work hand-in-hand to help you intuitively create models and animate them in VR: Masterpiece Creator and Masterpiece Motion.

masterpiece creator vr

Masterpiece Creator allows you to quickly and easily sculpt 3D models, even if you are unfamiliar with the technical aspects of 3D art creation. It takes the great features of MasterpieceVR and adds:

  • Layers
  • More powerful creation tools
  • Mesh geometry cleanup tools
  • Automatic texture mapping, and more

masterpiece motion vr

Masterpiece Motion is a program that lets you rig any 3D model more quickly than ever. You can manually draw in bones in VR or allow the software to automatically rig and skin your model.

How do you Import or Export Models to/from Sketchfab with Masterpiece Studio?

masterpiece studio sketchfab upload

To upload models to Sketchfab, simply navigate to Export > Select Sketchfab > and select the file you want to upload.

Here is the result on Sketchfab:

And if you want to Import models from Sketchfab into your workspace, all you have to do is download the model from Sketchfab, then navigate to Scene Graph > Import Options > Select Sketchfab and select the file.

How do you Get Masterpiece Studio?

You can download Masterpiece Studio from the MasterpieceVR website. Masterpiece Studio is compatible with PC-based VR headsets (Vive, Oculus, Windows MR, Index).

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