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Two releases in one week? Yeah, we’re cool like that (or maybe it’s because a certain someone is about to go on vacation?)

Anyway, this release contains only three visible changes – we had a handful of more or less obscure ‘backend’ fixes as well, but these don’t mean much to humans (like Fallback SMTP server unicode error – I suspect that’s dev speak for ‘Damn we have a fallback smtp server ? Haven’t touched the code for more than a year!’ 😉

Here are the changes we just made:

  • Taking screenshot on the model page now also stores the camera position, making it behave in the same way as the ‘Take Screenshot’ button in the 3D properties.
  • Saving orientation settings no longer replaces the thumbnail image.
  • FBX Import: we now avoid creating duplicate materials.

We also have a nice secret project going on that’ll make your embeds cooler. More on that another time!

– Bart


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