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Today’s release adds two awesome new features that’ll help you improve the presentation of your work.

Real-time shadows

The Direction and Spot lights in the Lighting editor can now be set to cast real-time shadows on your models!

Enable ‘Cast shadows’ to activate this option and tweak the ‘Shadows bias’ value to get the best result for your model: change it so you get the least amount of noise, while the shadows are still ‘connected’ to your objects.

Due to their nature, real-time shadows may look different from rendered shadows. If you need high-resolution shadows, blurred shadows etc, you should consider baking them.

Also, note that our shadows feature are enabled for static lights. Dynamic lights (that are attached to the camera), won’t cast shadows.

Improved straighten tool (previously ‘Model orientation’)

After importing a model you’ll sometimes need to re-orient it with the floor. Before, you could only rotate it in 90 degree increments along a single axis. For most 3D applications this was fine, but when 3D scanning a model you might get it at odd angles.

For a more precise straightening, you can now check the ‘Show advanced rotation’ option. You’ll now get a rotation widget (the sphere in the center) that will allow you to re-orient your model any way you like – using multiple axes and any degree of rotation! Jay!

– Bart


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