Unity-to-Sketchfab Exporter v2.0 Released

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Some exciting news today. Something we’ve been working on for a long time. We’ve leveraged our support for glTF to update our Sketchfab exporter for Unity. It’s the first release in a while but the start of something that we’ll be updating regularly moving forward, adding new features and keeping pace with Unity updates.

Now, whenever you want to show off assets created in Unity or gather feedback on your work-in-progress you can publish straight from Unity to Sketchfab and embed your work in 3D and VR on Unity Connect, in the Unity Asset Store, the Unity Forums, the Steam Store, Facebook, Twitter, and just about anywhere else you can think of.

Go ahead and grab the latest release and import the scripts into your Unity project to get started. Our exporter can then be found under the menu Tools / Publish to Sketchfab.

The exporter will automatically check for new versions to allow you to download. And we welcome your feedback. Should you encounter an issue, you can report it to us using the “Report an Issue” button in either exporter window.

The following are currently supported for export to Sketchfab:

  • Meshes / Objects
  • PBR materials
  • Non PBR materials
  • Transparency
  • Animation (Beta)

The following are not yet supported but planned for future releases:

  • Lights (These can – however – be added in our 3D editor)
  • Cameras
  • 3D Text
  • Blend Shapes
  • Texture scale/offset
  • Light maps

The following are unlikely to be supported:

  • Secondary/Detail texture maps
  • Light and Reflection Probes
  • Custom Shaders or rendering code
  • Post-processing effects (Again, you can set up post-processing with our 3D editor)

We can’t wait to see what you’ll create in Unity and share to Sketchfab. And remember to follow the official Unity page on Sketchfab for updates.

For more information on installing our exporter and the features it currently supports, and planned updates, visit our Unity Exporter Page and Github.

About the author

Paul Chambers

Artist Evangelist & Community outreach at Sketchfab, freelance CG Generalist, render-farm tinkerer. Zelda worshipper.


  • Rachel Ibarrientos says:

    Oh I totally agree for these kind of updates! Thank you Sketchfab I hope this works well with my 3D mods!

  • willy says:

    Hi Paul !

    Works fine for me (Unity 5.4)
    Be carreful to get all your texture with unique name (I got two textures called “wood_piece_diff.jpg” in differents folders of my unity hierarchy). That’s the only export error I got.

    May you add an “remember me” check box in the exporter windows ?

    Sketchfab rocks !

  • Aurélien says:

    Thanks a lot for these feedbacks, we will check this 🙂

  • Smart Birdy says:

    where’s ue4?

  • Something we’re exploring. No firm news to share right now.

  • Alexey says:

    Just tried the new animations feature and it works nice!
    If I have a humanoid character with fullbody animation and one animation clip in the controller, it is able to import it to Sketchfab and the animation plays back correctly.

    Some issues I have found (or maybe they are features, I dunno 🙂
    – If I have two animations in the character animation controller they are both merged into a single animation and played back simultaneously (rather than sequentially). E.g. if I have running and jumping animation in the controller the character jumps and runs at the same time, which looks really weird 😀
    – I have found no way of exporting blendshape animations. Is it supported yet?

  • Alexey says:

    Oh, I see now that blendshapes are not supported yet. Looking forward to see this feature! Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Thanks for your notes Alexey, as noted our animation support is still considered Beta at this time.

  • Sirhaian says:

    Hello! Do you think there could be a way – someday – to export the Particle Systems? As a VFX Artist, I would absolutely love to showcase my effects through Sketchfab, but that is sadly impossible at the moment.

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    It’s not on our short-term roadmap, but we’ve added your +1 to the request!

  • Sirhaian says:

    Thank you, really appreciate it! 🙂

  • Mike says:

    Any chance you guys will have blendshapes working soon?

  • john patterson says:

    Paul – Does it do animation in the moving sense of the word?

    JP member since 2015

  • Hey John, we do currently support animation from Unity though some third-party animation plugins may cause issues.

  • john patterson says:

    thanks – I am using mixamo animations and a rigged model from them.

    Should that work?

  • john patterson says:

    We had non-mixamo models and animations only get the model to sketchfab.

    Can you give me a hint on what the issues are?

    John P

  • Hey John, animation support depends on the type of animation used in Unity, if it’s “Humanoid” it will not work. “Generic” or “Legacy” should work without issue.

  • favian says:

    Hi paul, I can not export a particle system from unity and I can not find answers .. could you help me please?

  • Hi Favian, sadly we don’t yet support particles.

  • Giusort says:

    Hi Paul,
    this exporter is very useful but how about Sketchfab exporter of “external” resource files?
    I would like to permit the app user to upload on Sketchfab his fbx or obj files; how could achieve this via c# code?
    Thank you!

  • Vitali says:

    Does it work only for PRO version?

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    It works for all Sketchfab accounts.

  • I assume you actually mean Unity PRO. Yes it works on the free version of Unity as well as PRO.

  • Volodya says:

    Guys, i try to export few models, mini scene. And i get it without any texture on it.

  • Volodya Liubchuk says:

    Has been fixed. I used Legacy/ Diffuse. Changed to Standart / Glossiness and it works

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