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We all like to change things up at the beginning of the year with a New Years Resolution! That’s basically when you pinky swear to yourself that you’re going to make ONE change in your life for the better that you didn’t do last year. To hold yourself accountable for keeping up your resolution, it always helps to have a friend. This New Years starts off with our friends at Cartrdge!

This year we want you to share your New Years Resolution creatively in 3D. What does that mean? Artist Olly Skillman-Wilson shares his as inspiration:  


  • Needs to be a diorama depicting part of a level, incorporating your take on a New Years Resolution
  • Entries need to be 3D
  • Entries need to be uploaded to Sketchfab and posted on Cartrdge
  • The game and all visual assets must be made during the contest period.
  • You can use any existing tools, engines, languages, or programming libraries.
  • Multiple entries are welcome for this jam. You can only win one prize, though (your best).
  • Please document your work in progress in this forum category by creating a new topic for every piece you do. Encourage, inspire, and constructively critique each other here!
  • Contest ends Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 11:59pm EST.



  • 1st Place: Cartrdge “Gold” t-shirt, 3 Sketchfab Cardboards, 1 Sketchfab Hoodie, 1 year Cartrdge Pro, 1 year Sketchfab Pro
  • 2nd Place: Cartrdge “Silver” t-shirt, 2 Sketchfab Cardboards, 1 Sketchfab t-shirt, 6 months Cartrdge Pro, 6 months Sketchfab Pro
  • 3rd Place: Cartrdge “Bronze” t-shirt, 1 Sketchfab Cardboard, 1 Sketchfab t-shirt, 3 months Cartrdge Pro, 3 months Sketchfab Pro

Winners will be announced Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 12pm EST. Have fun and good luck keeping up those resolutions!

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