October’s most popular models

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Which models got the stamp of approval from the Sketchfab community this month? Check out our update of the most popular work!

Remember: If you’d like to earn a place in this overview next month, then be sure to share your work everywhere you can and earn those likes!

#10 – Blue [Nueva Grieta del Invocador] by catacroquer

#9 – HMSS Imperialise 2 by BillyGoat

#8 – Qute fish by Fox3D

#7 – Stylized Fantasy World by TocoGamescom

#6 – Traditional Jack-O-Lantern by Jakob Baldwin

#5: MV2 by sergiu.ikarus

#4: Raceship 2014 by Mestaty

#3: Pumpkin Fingerbiter by n.metivier

#2: Centaur by patrix

#1: Chibi Gear Solid by glenatron

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