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Oculus Medium’s Road to Tokyo VR Sculpting Battles: Tokyo World Grand Prix

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For the past month, Oculus Medium has released weekly episodes of the Road to Tokyo: VR Sculpting Battles. In each city—Menlo Park, New York, and London—eight artists competed in head-to-head battles, a knockout-style tournament. Starting with a blank Medium scene, competitors had just 10 minutes to sculpt a winning VR piece and advance to the next round.

Winners in each city won an all-expense-paid trip to Tokyo, Japan to compete using Medium at the World Grand Prix of digital art battles. Find out how the finalists from Menlo Park, New York, and London perform on the world stage!

The World Grand Prix was yet another high energy knock-out tournament. With a Tokyo game show-like atmosphere and cheering crowds, each battle was 20 minutes long, twice as long as contestants had during the preliminary battles. Judging criteria were the same: Idea, Speed, Technique, and Visual Storytelling. Unlike during the preliminaries, when the points were scored at the end of the battle, during the World Grand Prix judges allocated points for each criterion at intervals throughout the battle.

Today, we’re presenting the Sketchfab exclusive 3D models created during the Tokyo tournament so you can check out the sculpts in full 3D!

Quarter Finals 1: Stone Experience



Quarter Finals 2: Shadow Sleep



Quarter Finals 3: Shadow Expectations



Quarter Finals 4: Gear Wheel Hope



Semi Finals 1: Water Lonely



Semi Finals 2: Water Experience



World Finals: Electricity Sleep



Congratulations to the VR Sculpting World Champion, Milad Aramnia!! And a special thank you to all the artists who participated in the Road to Tokyo!


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