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Update December 17, 2015: as we’ve found people didn’t use this button much, we decided to remove it and clean up our interface.

Lock Nester Marvin from 3D Hubs
by 3D Hubs
on Sketchfab

We have teamed up with 3D Hubs, the world’s largest 3D printer network, to add 3D printing to Sketchfab. Select one of almost 15,000 local print hubs (250 support full color printing), and turn your designs into reality! We’re the first company to integrate the 3D Hubs full-color API and add the 3D Hubs printing button to up to 300,000 3D models.

“Integrating 3D printing has been a highly requested feature from the Sketchfab community,” says Alban Denoyel, CEO of Sketchfab. “We are excited to join forces with 3D Hubs to make this happen. One of the most important promises of 3D printing is to be able to make things locally, and possibly bypass transport and associated costs. We think 3D Hubs is the closest to achieving this vision, with their global distributed network and active community of makers. It feels like a natural partnership for us, and we are happy to start feeding their printers with great colorful 3D content.”

“With full-color 3D scanning technologies becoming more accessible, we saw increasing demand within our community to support texture files and color maps,” said Bram de Zwart, CEO and co-founder of 3D Hubs. “Sketchfab is a great place to publish and share these full-color 3D models, especially as they can easily be embedded in a website and on social media.”

In celebration of this partnership New York based designer, Fleet Hower, has designed a special version of Marvin, which is available for download in full-color on the 3D Hubs page on the Sketchfab website.

How to make your models printable on 3D Hubs

To add the 3D Print button to your own models, please keep the following in mind:

  • Currently, we can only 3D print STL and OBJ files.
  • Select the ‘Allow 3D Print’ option to enable the 3D Print button. This button will only be available if you have uploaded an STL or OBJ file.
  • If you upload a .ZIP file, we’ll first need to process it to determine if there’s an STL or OBJ file inside. So right after uploading the option might not show, but it should appear later on.

Please do make sure your models are really printable and if possible, provide an image to a printed version in the model description.

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