Over three million 3D models online.

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We passed another massive milestone this week. We now have over three million models live on Sketchfab continuing to enforce our position as the largest platform to publish and find 3D models. Thanks must go to you, our amazing community!

Our growth continues exponentially, with passing the two million mark just a little over six months ago. Since that last milestone we’ve continued to innovate:

The Sketchfab Store

Our store launched in beta just after we passed two million models and left beta just a few weeks ago. Now, tens of thousands of models on Sketchfab are already available to purchase for your next project with many more models and sellers joining daily.

We’re currently running a promotion on the Store through July 31st. Use discount code SAVEJULY at checkout for 20% off any purchase. And don’t forget we continue to support Creative Commons licensing and still offer hundreds of thousands of free models thanks to our generous community.

Rendering Updates

We’ve continued to build upon our industry leading 3D player with yet more features. In February we introduced refraction providing supporting better rendering for transparent materials like glass and fluids. In May we added support for Screen Space Reflection (SSR) allowing for even more realistic reflections and occlusion. And just last week we introduced our new Clear Coat material option to help make your vehicle models shine!

Our new Clear Coat material option in action:

Download API

The Store is just part of our new approach to distributing great 3D content. In March we unveiled our Download API: a search bar for the 3D world. Our API allows developers to not just search the entire Sketchfab database from within their application, but – as the name implies – facilitates direct download of 3D models into their environment.

Launch partners include Facebook AR Studio and Amazon Sumerian and the Download API is already available for Unity and Unreal Engine.

Viewer API

Finally, we’ve also spent the past six months further refining our viewer API allowing more complex interactions which give developers looking for configuration, marketing, or e-commerce use cases even more options. Check out our cabinet example below:


As always, our thanks for your tremendous support.


About the author

Alban Denoyel

Co-founder and CEO of Sketchfab.


  • David says:

    Congratulations ! I’m so happy to watch this amazing site growing bigger and bigger, slowly gaining the attention it deserves.

    Keep on going strong !

  • twite_king says:

    huge congrats to the sketchfab family for making it happen! all the staff, and users, Good work!! I would like to thank you all for making Sketchfab a nice place for me and my girlfriend to share the joy of 3d art!!

  • Caturegli David says:

    That’s unbelievable !
    Nicely and smoothely done guys !

  • Ray says:

    Congratulations to the entire “Sketchfab” team, but nothing is possible without its users, this community is very big!

    To say that for me, it’s like my house, well … my digital home, my library, my showcase, my playground and experiments, I see the love that each author puts in their models, I see tricks that I do not know how to do and more than once I get stuck giving the mouse wheel, there are so many to see ….. basically 3,000,000 million.

    And at the rate that “Sketchfab” goes, on Thursday there will be 4,000,000, on Friday it will be November and on Saturday there will be no more models.

    Something I do not want to escape, is that as a user, there are days that I visit many models, some take me to others, God ….. and more than once, I forgot to vote, I like it!

    I think I’m not the only one, there’s a lot of clueless :), I the first, lots of models with overwhelming visits, but … very few likes, it sounds to me that we have to take more seriously the work of others, because if Someone’s work has kept you there, watching, turning a model around for a long time, scrutinizing its textures, that less than giving it a like!

    Thanks to all “Sketchfab” really, for giving us this place!

    (AHHH before leaving, I hope that in the next contest, eye glasses are given away, because I’m going to go blind).

    Until the next model!

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