Meet Paul Chambers, our new Artist Evangelist and Head of Communications!

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We’re excited to introduce you to our new Artist Evangelist and Head of Communications: Paul Chambers. If that name sounds familiar, you’re right! Paul is a CG artist and he’s our very first community hire – we’re all very excited about that.

Hi Paul! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Thank you. I’ve had a varied background. I trained in traditional arts, then moved into Graphic Design, then Web Design and finally Advertising. But all along I’ve tinkered with anything involving a computer. I got my first computer when I was 10. It had 1K of RAM. I’ll let you guess how old that makes me!

I started taking 3D work seriously about 5 years ago and have since then worked on a series of freelance and personal projects. Working on my 100,000 hours…

What kind of work do you create as a CG artist?

I’ve really been working on everything from low-poly stylized game art to VFX shots and compositing. Each new project has its challenges and – most importantly – is another day at school.

Most recently I completed this “Papercraft” style animation:

I use a suite of tools. Whatever gets the job done most efficiently. From Maya to Topogun, to Mudbox, to Substance Painter. But I have to say I always find a way to involve Blender, even if I’m just using it as a compositor. I have so much respect for what the Blender Institute team have done. You can’t beat free as a software price-tag, and the artist community is incredibly supportive. Anyone who still thinks Blender is somehow “less than” compared to the industry heavyweights needs to revisit it. No amount of $$$ spent on tools will make you a better artist if you don’t have the fundamentals down.

What will you be working on here at Sketchfab?

Two roles really. First, as Artist Evangelist I’ll be reaching out to the broader 3D community and our software partners to invite the world’s top CG artists to bring their work to Sketchfab. I’ll also be running our Artist-in-Residence program.

Second, I’ll be doing everything I can to spread the good word on Sketchfab, from running our social media to shaking hands and kissing babies at our community and industry events! Come by and say hi! I’m looking forward to meeting you. (The baby kissing isn’t a requirement.)

What are you most excited about now that you’re on the team?

The Sketchfab team have been so welcoming and have given me the opportunity to pull together my passion and my experience! Obviously I have a love of 3D modeling, and the CG art community but I also have a background in marketing. This is my opportunity to bring those two worlds together! It’s like a dream come true!

What is your favourite model on Sketchfab?

Gosh, there’s so much great work on Sketchfab. As a CG artist, of course I’m drawn to 3D models rather than say scanning — though that never ceases to amaze me. But for me it has to be the whole package – not just a great idea, theme, or pose, but also one with great materials, texturing, and smart topology. Anyone can throw up a model with millions of polygons. Give me a model that looks like a Million Dollars but can run on a phone! That’s the sign of a skilled real-time rendering artist.

Recently, Gary Lim’s Davy Jones model checked all those boxes for me:

About the author

Bart Veldhuizen

Community Lead at Sketchfab. 3D Scanning enthusiast and Blenderhead.


  • Daniel says:

    Hi Paul, first of all i loved your papercraft island amazing animation.

    My name is Daniel and i am 41 years old designer from Brazil and i,ve been working with design for almost 20 years, during that time i’ve been using 3d for architecture visualization only, most with sketchup.

    Than i decided to learn Blender to make models for games or VR, i´ve been studying those fields to make a career change. That’s how i discover sketchfab and artella.

    Anyway i would like to know how can i use sketchfab to improve my basic skills to achieve my goals, 3d for games an VR, and how to collaborate to the community?

    Best Regards

  • Hey Daniel. Thanks for your comment and enjoying my animation! As someone who’s made a career change I can sympathize. In answer to your question, Sketchfab is a terrific way to get your work seen by potential clients or employers. Plus, the exercise of optimizing meshes for real-time rendering is very useful knowledge for all aspects of 3D production. We’ve just added additional VR tools that make publishing models for VR-viewing easier than ever and will have plenty more news to share in the VR future. Don’t forget to check out our forums as a great place to get feedback on your work. The best of luck to you!

  • Daniel says:

    Thank you Paul will be in touch!

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