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Following the recent announcement of our integration in the latest version of Photoshop, we are excited to launch a Photoshop contest!


Winners will get the opportunity to see their work printed and exhibited at the Art Gallery of the New York 3D printshow! 

Josh Harker will be part of our jury, to pick the 3 best designs!



PRIZES for the 3 winners: 

Get your work 3D printed and exhibited at the NYC 3D printshow

Get one year license of Adobe Creative Cloud

Get one year of Sketchfab PRO


> Your original design, specifically made for the contest. 

> Modelled with any software, and made beautiful with Photoshop CC
(get the free trial here).

> Uploaded to Sketchfab from Photoshop CC.

> 3D printable.

> Finished and prepared for printing in Photoshop.
(Guidelines here. Model can be textured but don’t have to,
and then made ready for printing with Photoshop).

> model tagged with nyps on Sketchfab


You have until Monday February 3rd, noon EST to submit your entry.

Good luck!!

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