The Most Popular Sketchfab Scenes of 2016

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We’re wrapping up 2016 with an overview of some of the very best art we’ve seen in our community.

With close to 800,000 uploaded scenes (just this year!) and such a wide range of work it was impossible to review everything, so we decided to look at our own Staff Picks and select the most liked ones – a great mix of what we liked as a team and what YOU liked most.

A huge thanks to everyone who is featured here today and to all the other artists in our community – you’re the reason we all ❤️ what we do every single day!

Let’s go:

10 – Calvin & Hobbes: the big bang by Gabriel de Laubier

9 – Knight by Tommy Gunardi Teguh

Adventures of Alice and Bun Bun the White by Yekaterina Bourykina

Underwater Diorama by Shannon Lau

Protector by Christoph Schoch


4: 3D Fanart Chino From Gochuumon Wa Usagi desuka by XkungWork

3: Kumiko – Hibike! Euphonium by Poribo

2: The Journey by Emilie Stabell

1: Mask by Julien Kaspar

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