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If you can play Minecraft, then you can use Qubicle to create 3D designs. Minddesk’s voxel-based 3D editor is that easy to use and as of this week, they allow direct uploading to Sketchfab!

If you have worked with image editors like Photoshop before, but never made the step into the 3D world, because of programs too complex for getting quick results, welcome to Qubicle!

Qubicle was built with easy accessibility in mind, offering familiar tools and a clean user-interface to create 3D models in no time. Create your first model in under an hour, share it online at Sketchfab or 3D-print it with online services like Shapeways.

Want to build landscapes, characters and other objects for your favorite voxel based game? You can do this with Qubicle! The list of supported games is growing with the rising popularity of indie games.

While Qubicle is still in beta, you can download it for free. Please note that uploading to Sketchfab is disabled in the trial version – you’ll need to upgrade to get access to that. Be sure to watch their introductory video tutorials, and our own tutorial on exporting your design to Sketchfab:

Qubicle Sketchfab Exporter from Sketchfab on Vimeo.

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