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This announcement is out of date, and some information is deprecated. You can find up-to-date information embedding models in the Help Center.

Sketchfab is very happy to announce that we our now integrated with our friends over at Quirky!


Beginning today, users will be able to browse some of their very best inventions (like the Pivot Power below) in real-time 3D. You can see the 3D previews on their own site, or head over to sketchfab.com and check out the beginning of the collection on Quirky’s brand page.

Quirky is all about making invention accessible, and we believe Sketchfab is a pretty sweet addition and a step further towards this vision. We are also both pioneers in our field: Quirky has revolutionized the invention to production process, and Sketchfab has democratised interactive 3D display online. We think we make a pretty great match :).

We’ve met with the Quirky team on many occasions, including during some of their famous product evals, and share many of their core values and wishes for the future of invention.

This is just the beginning. We are now working on adding Sketchfab support to Quirky’s amazing invention process. Soon, inventors will be able to submit their ideas to Quirky in 3D, the way they are meant to be seen! There is a 3D design at the beginning of each product story, and now it’s available all along the creation process up to final use.

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