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We’re proud to announce that all Sketchfab users can now publish their animations in interactive 3D, anywhere.

Since the beta launch in August, over 1,000 community members helped us test animation and we’ve been blown away by the animations they published. It was amazing to see how they’ve used it to give motion to characters, illustrate educational concepts or product features and tell stories.

Sketchfab shows all my animation, not just from a single viewpoint.

Grace Rodriguez
3D character animator -

Publishing an animation is simple: just export your animation from any 3D application to an FBX file and upload it to Sketchfab. If you use 3DS Max or Maya it’s even easier, as our free exporter plugins for these applications already support animations (and others will follow). Learn more on the Help Centre page on Animation.

Animation provides so much life to the characters we’re making. Being able to show that in an easy way is amazing for us.

Robin Kocaurek
Artist -

We’d love to know what you think! Join the discussion on our forum or explore some awesome animations. Inspired? Get started today!

What will you create?

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