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We’re happy to announce that photogrammetry software company Capturing Reality has integrated native Sketchfab export from RealityCapture, “the world’s fastest and the most accurate software for creating 3D content from photos and/or laser scans”.

In addition Capturing Reality have added an incredibly useful option to automatically decimate models to one million polygons or lower before upload to optimize the exported content for Sketchfab display. Here is an example from Michal Jancosek, Managing Partner at Capturing Reality:

“We are happy that our users can now directly share their creations on the internet easily and fast.” says Michal. “This feature makes our software even easier to use. You just need your camera and our software to share your 3D captures with your friends through Sketchfab on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn… in 3D and in virtual reality. You don’t need to have any third party software and you won’t waste your time on exporting, zipping, uploading etc. You just need to press one button now.”

RealityCapture is without any doubt one of the leading 3D scanning software packages. The collaboration between Capturing Reality and Sketchfab will make it easier for 3D scanning experts to share their creations in 3D and VR anywhere online. You will find a few RealityCapture examples below and can also visit the RealityCapture dedicated tag page to explore more.

For more information on using Reality Capture with Sketchfab, check out the Help Center.

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