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We are pleased to announce that RealityScan, a new mobile app from Epic Games and the creators of RealityCapture, offers direct upload to Sketchfab. The 3D scanning app, which is free to download on the App Store, makes it easy to digitize objects using nothing more than your iPhone or iPad.

RealityScan’s unique AR guidance system helps both amateur and skilled 3D scanners capture objects completely. The app uses color-coded point clouds to identify areas that need additional photographic coverage. The photographs are then processed in the cloud. The final scanned result, available as a textured mesh, can be uploaded directly to Sketchfab via the app’s built-in exporter.

RealityScan is available for iPhones and iPads operating iOS 16+. An Android release of the app will be available next year. Learn more about RealityScan on the Unreal Engine blog.

How to export from RealityScan to Sketchfab

  1. Open RealityScan and sign in with your Epic Games account.
  2. Select one of your scans that has finished processing.
  3. From the Preview screen, click the Export to Sketchfab button and follow the prompt to begin processing and export.
  4. Open Sketchfab to view your model and adjust its 3D settings.

Once you’ve uploaded your scan to Sketchfab, make it look its best using our 3D Editor settings (here’s a thorough tutorial to get you started). And, if you would like to earn some extra income from your scans, you can put them on the Sketchfab Store. Not yet a seller? Apply today.

To see all apps that offer direct export to Sketchfab, check out our Exporters page.

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  • Jacob Heaton says:

    How come you can only get it from an iPhone and not a smasung? I really wanted to try it!

  • Abby Crawford says:

    Hi Jacob! I’m in the same boat, eagerly awaiting the Android version of the app. An Android release of the app will be available next year.

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