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Hi! My name is Dejan Cicic, I’m a 3D artist and business owner based in Serbia. I have been part of the gaming industry for over 10 years.

I started modeling and creating 3D art in 2007. At first it was only a side job, next to my 9 to 5 job. At first it was quite hard to balance my passion for 3D modeling and my regular job, but I guess that my creative side won in this battle eventually.  A few years ago I quit my job and started 3D modeling full time. In the meantime, I managed to get my game assets and 3D models up for sale on multiple marketplaces, including Sketchfab.

I get my inspiration and new ideas from everywhere. From my competitors, from blogs, from social media, various tutorials, and other places. In the beginning of my career I started modeling in programs such as Soft Image, Autodesk Maya, Ultimate Unwrap and 3D-Coat. After mastering the mentioned programs, I decided to try out more complex game engines such as Unity and Unreal, which I use today.

My most viewed and most liked model on Sketchfab is Longilk Barbarian

Selling on the Sketchfab Store


My work is priced based on customer demand and based on the prices dictated by the competition. The prices also depend on the specific marketplaces and their customers’ needs.

When it comes to Sketchfab, my prices are adjusted to the needs of customers.

One of my first models published here is also one of my personal favorites – Futuristic Soldier.


I promote my work at my webstore, on different marketplaces, and social media. I’m happy to have a dedicated social media team, working hard every day to spread the word about my business on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ArtStation, and other channels.


I started selling my 3D models at Sketchfab in 2018.

Sketchfab caught my attention with their unique user-friendly features. An artist has limitless opportunities to set up a model and play with the lights, materials, backgrounds, and special effects—and the results can be amazing. Another feature that I really like at Sketchfab is the quick and easy process of model upload. In just a few seconds your model is ready to go. From a customer angle, one specific feature that Skethfab has is the ability to check the model in 3D and view all the textures and UVs. This feature is super important when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

Finally, I really like the management of Sketchfab, they have a very friendly attitude, always responding quickly and helping out if needed. It is clear that Sketchfab has put a lot of effort into building strong relationships with both sellers and customers.

My most recent model – Bridge 4.


I would like to thank the amazing Sketchfab team for giving me an opportunity to be featured in Seller Spotlight and for doing a great job all these years! You guys have one of the most friendly support I have ever experienced. Stay awesome!

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Dejan Cicic (Dex)

3DModels-Textures is a gaming studio specialized in creation of high quality 3D models, animated characters, textures, sound effects and other game assets.

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