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My style is to change the format of my work in order to bring it to many people. It could be a game app, it could be an illustrated book, or sometimes it could be children’s toys. And I’m obsessed with insects. There are many reasons, but a big one is that we can learn about the diversity of life by knowing their various shapes and ecologies. I believe this is true for humans as well. If you look deep into the many personalities, you can see the cool and cute parts of each one. Spiders and cockroaches are often disliked, but from a different perspective, they look like cool aliens and monsters. I’d like to share that discovery with everyone. Discovering new perspectives every day is very exciting and energizing for me to continue making insects. I enjoy creating my own work the best!

boycraft 3d assets

I started selling assets about 3 months ago, and was very happy to get a license to sell. I think that no matter how realistic the insects I uploaded were, if there were only a few of them, they wouldn’t be as powerful. I wanted to put a lot of them together and make it into a museum. So, it was my dream to be able to publish unlimitedly. I like Sketchfab’s store settings because they are simple and easy to understand and the price can be changed freely. I also sell apps on iTunes and Google Play, but it’s not this easy. It is very hard.

Art creation

When I make a piece of art, I don’t do it because someone has asked me to. The desire to create is most important to me. So I may not be too concerned about money. If I think of it as a business, it becomes boring. It’s important for me to have a good time observing and imagining insects, so it would be disrespectful to the insects if they got caught in the money. It’s very nice when someone wants something that you have made and that you think is good. I’m sure the insects that served as models would be pleased.

I’m conscious not to make too many of the same kinds of bugs. I’ve been making CG models of insects since I was a student, so I have about 400 of them. I customized them for Sketchfab and released them to the public. If I published only real insects, the collection would be academic and boring for those who are not interested in insects, so I have also published imaginary bugs. Here, I hope you’ll look at them as you enjoy the monsters and creatures.

Product uses

boycraft insect products

My work has been used in a lot of places. For example, my models have been used in games, movie props, toy samples, learning materials and, oddly enough, a music video for a famous musician! I have also sold cockroaches and flies that have appeared in TV commercials. They are so realistic that they may look like real insects.


I’ve set the price high because these models are not available very often. It would be more than ten times more expensive to collect materials to make the same thing. When I first put models on the store, they were initially more expensive, but I didn’t sell a single one, so I reconsidered my pricing.


I mainly promote on Twitter and via app sales. In Japan, my app is popular for kids, so it seems that users who have played with my app have found out about Twitter and are enjoying Sketchfab from there.

Using Sketchfab

I make insect models using ZBrush, 3D-Coat, and AKEYTSU for FBX animation.

It takes about a day to publish a single insect, and I try to make the settings in Sketchfab look as realistic as possible. Particular emphasis is placed on texture quality and post-processing.

I didn’t understand the specifications of Sketchfab when I uploaded my first several works, so I’m hoping to recreate those models with animations when I have time.

There are many reasons why I chose to sell on Sketchfab, but the most important is that I can intuitively view the details of my models, and can post them so fast. And the fixes are reflected quickly. I think that being able to check every detail of a work is a great advantage for both the seller and the buyer.

Looking ahead

I think that if we can use AR more easily and connect it to reality, it will open up new ways of expression. For example, we can show the size of an actual insect, or ride a giant bug. I’d like to create a device that children can enjoy.

More information can be found on my Twitter.


About the author


Boycraft “YukiYasuda” has been an app developer, kids’ playground equipment maker, and creator of digital insects. He and his wife share their home in Tokyo with two extraordinary turtles and a lifetime’s collection of insect specimens.

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