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About me

Hi Sketchfab! My name is Eric Cheung. I am an animator in Hong Kong. In the past two decades of CG, I have produced 3D animation, games, movie special effects, and TV special effects, and had the job of rigging and keying motion. You can see some of my personal work on my ArtStation and Sketchfab profiles.

It is difficult to find CG special effects or animation work in Hong Kong because Hong Kong’s CG industry has been in decline. In 2020, I started to share and sell my works all over the world. I hope my work will strengthen the world’s awareness of the conservation of wild animals, perhaps reduce the capture of them, and make people like them more.

Balancing priorities

nestaeric sketchfab store

I think it can be hard to balance artistic and paid aspects of 3D work; I may spend tens or even a hundred hours on a project. The price that I charge for it may not cover the time that I spent on it, but learning new animation skills is its own reward.

Deciding what to create

In my free time, I always watch animal documentaries and get inspiration from them. I will study their behavior first, try to create the skeleton, then make the model and texture, if the motions look right.

Why Sketchfab?

Sketchfab is a great platform to display all kinds of materials. It’s easy to set the skin of a jellyfish, feathers of birds, and the glow of angry fish.

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It can also play animation in real-time and smoothly. That’s what attracted me to put more work on Sketchfab.

In fact, I think Sketchfab is a fair art platform. Sketchfab will evaluate works from the perspective of art. Other social platforms always provide more creative space for artists’ works based on publicity costs and reputation.

The future

The decline of the printing industry, and the decline of the television industry—the rise of the Internet is incredible. VR technology has just started, and I think the demand for real-time 3D will rise. And I will continue to try out some dynamic characters in the future.

About the author

Eric Cheung

I would like to give life to polygons


  • Alexa Kruckenberg says:

    Yes! So excited to see an article from you, Eric! Your models are incredible!

  • stefano costarelli says:

    I found interesting that you start from the rig. I always start from the sculpting Do you create a base mesh before? Anyway great job!I think your animals are amazing!

  • Tycho Magnetic Anomaly says:

    fantastic to hear more insight into your work, well done on everything!

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