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My name is Sergey Gailiunas and I am an environment artist and founder of Kanistra Studio, based in Saint Petersburg. I got carried away with video games and 3D modeling as a child. I could spend a lot of time looking at and researching art (especially 3D) in video games. Since then, I’ve dreamed of creating games and game art and I continue to strive for it.

I stick to a realistic style and specialize in props and environment art, but I’m not limited to one thing. There are so many styles and possibilities that I want to try. I am interested in studying this world, its history and culture, through man-made objects.

Just a few years ago I got carried away with photogrammetry. I was excited about the feeling that I could transfer the real object into 3D as authentically as possible.

I began selling 3D assets more than 10 years ago as a timid attempt to create a source of passive earnings. I always wanted to be an independent artist and develop only in the directions of interest to me, and the idea of passive earnings seemed to me a good help to achieve this goal.

At the moment I have the opportunity to completely abandon commissions. Now I myself am a customer and in my store/portfolio there are works of other talented modelers who work for my studio.

There is a huge list of things that I want to do, it remains only to decide in what order. But generally it happens spontaneously, I just notice something and can not think of anything else, so I make it in 3D.


I quite often come across my models in various indie games. The difficulty is that customers do not always report to me regarding the use of content. What immediately comes to mind is the adventure game Uncertain from ComonGames (very small background assets were used, but it’s very nice to notice them in a project of this quality).

Sometimes I notice my assets before the release of the game, as in the case of Offroad Transport Simulator from dev4play.

One of the most popular assets in my portfolio (above) is probably used by many architectural agencies of different caliber. Unfortunately I do not have time to search permanently, so I can not provide an extensive list.

Most recently, I spent a lot of hours playing Escape From Tarkov (tactical multiplayer shooter from Battlestate Games) and found a number of my assets in the game. In general, my products are mostly used by small studios, enthusiasts and students.


I try to set honest prices, it’s always a kind of a compromise for me. I do not calculate the price of assets from their actual production cost. I rather trust my intuition, putting myself in the buyer’s place. Of course, my business is not charitable. Primarily I’m interested in making sure that my content is used for its intended purpose, which is more important than the immediate benefit of getting paid. As they say, reputation is more expensive than money. But at the same time it is important to respect other market participants and colleagues and not engage in dumping. Summarizing, I want my content to be available to anyone who needs it, but I don’t want shake the market by artificially lowering prices.


I use social networks, Twitter and Artstation to promote my work – this is a minimal program of promotion. I’m not very good at promotion, I think that this is a very deep niche, which professionals should deal with. I am convinced that if you are stable and good in your business, the modern world is designed in such a way that you will not be left without attention (in any case, I want to believe in this).

Setting up products in Sketchfab should be given special attention. A good presentation is not less than half the work. This is obvious, but you can ruin tens of hours of work by presenting the asset badly.

Sketchfab provides wide opportunities for model presentation such as lighting and material settings and post-processing. Using these tools, you can emphasize the advantages of your model or create your own artistic style. And the buyer always has the opportunity to see the original model with the help of a convenient Model Inspector. I spend a lot of time in setting up, choosing the optimal values for sharpness, tone-mapping and color correction. And of course vignette, as a final touch.

Why Sketchfab?

I set up a store on Sketchfab because, of course, the very ideology, the presence of 3D viewer – it’s unique, convenient and modern. The combination of the service of selling models with the possibility of a full study of the product before buying was only a matter of time. I’m glad that Sketchfab is a pioneer in this case.

Production of content is becoming more expensive. Projects, be it games, movies or other media, are getting bigger, and I think the appearance of quality stock content and ready-made solutions are inevitable and this market is wide open.

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