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About me

Hey, my name is Karolina Renkiewicz and I live in Wrocław. I design models in various graphic styles, from realistic to stylized. Currently, I’m working as a 3D artist in the gaming industry.


When and why did I start selling 3D assets?

My adventure with 3D graphics began in 2018 when I created my profile on Skechfab. At the beginning of my adventure, I used to share some of my models for free. Then, I noticed that they were downloaded by many people, so as I developed my skills, I started selling my models.


How do I balance artistic and paid work?

I mainly model things that I enjoy or things that allow me to develop in some way. There is a lot of headwear on my profile because I wanted to learn the Marvelous Designer program. Recently, I started making stylized models that pose a creative challenge for me.


Deciding what to create

I try to make models that aren’t readily available in the store. I rarely make models that are already numerous. My goal is to build a diverse portfolio to increase my reach in the search engine on the store. After I see my sales results, I can predict the category of models that will sell best. It is also worth checking on Sketchfab which models are currently trending.


I try to set prices that are attractive to buyers so that most of those who are interested can afford the purchase. However, I avoid prices that are too low because they spoil the market. When setting the price, I pay attention to how much time and effort the work required from me. I also create packages of models that are always significantly cheaper than buying the same models separately. When I notice that a given model is selling poorly, I gradually lower its price.


How I promote my work

I publish my works on my ArtStation profile, and I share them on thematic channels related to 3D graphics on Discord. I also recommend the Sketchfab Community Discord.


Model presentation

Configuring models on Sketchfab is very easy. I use these settings for almost every model:

  • dark background
  • ground shadows
  • vignette
  • sharpness

Why Sketchfab?

I recommend Sketchfab to all sellers because it is the only store that offers a real-time preview of models, so the customer can check every parameter of the model to avoid any misunderstandings and disappointments while I, as a seller, can fully present my product. Sketchfab Store is also financially pleasant for sellers because the commission fee is really low.

Looking into the future

In the future, it will be possible to generate simple models without human intervention; therefore creative works requiring artistic talent will be highly valued.


About the author

Karolina Renkiewicz

3D Artist

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