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I am a twin. Myself (Samuel) and my brother Joshua are both model and texture Artists, focused on making game content from vehicles to weapons to architecture.

Having someone to work with all the time makes it really quick and convenient to come up with ideas quickly, bouncing ideas back and forward a lot.

Most of the time we work together, coming up with new ways or faster ways to do our work, without the expense of quality, aiming to create things that people really don’t want to spend the time to do, like creating detailed Spaceships with full walkable interiors.

Our aim is to always achieve the ‘wow’ factor. If the model does not ‘wow’ us then we are not finished and have to figure out what is lacking to achieve that result.

In terms of style, we prefer the higher poly side of things; we don’t like to fake too much detail with normal maps. Instead we like to achieve it on the mesh itself, of course within reason. Anything that we don’t traditionally see in the world is what we like to work on, anything that takes you to places you would only dream of, which also gives heaps of creative freedom.

Selling Assets

We started selling assets just to see if anybody would bite. At first it was very slow but as we got more of an online presence, like opening up our Artstation, then things started to move along in both selling assets online and people hiring us for work.

Artistic vs. paid work is not a balance that we really have to consider, as most of the people asking for work want things that we have been wanting to build for ages, so we get to be artistic and get paid for it. For us it’s a given that we enjoy our work, otherwise we wouldn’t do it.

It depends on what games we have played recently or where we have just been to, that inspires us to want to create. I find myself looking at models in games, then wanting to quit playing the games so that I can start building things similar to what I saw, which never turn out the way that I expected, usually better.

We have had customers use our models in their games, like Illyrium and Contingency, which we have also been and are still involved with, not to mention other projects which are still to be announced.

Pricing and Promotion

How we price our work is based on what others sell their work for and the quality at which they produce them. We think, if you sell it for less, then it is more accessible to people, and it will sell more. If we sold our work based on how much time we spent on it, then it would become very inaccessible to a lot of people.

We use Sketchfab to promote our work (obviously). It’s great for showing model topology and viewing the textures, and it helps artists to learn from each other and get ideas about what to work on.

Setup on Sketchfab

We use the Sketchfab Store as it allows anyone to know what they are buying before they buy, which is super helpful and useful for us artists; it means our work can speak for itself.

In setting up the models, we try to be consistent, using the same backgrounds and similar perspectives for each type of model (Weapons, Vehicles, Characters). We also spend time on the lighting to enhance the look of the models, so you can see how the shadows come across the body and how the lighting reacts to the surfaces, trying to get all of that to show for the most impact. Once all that is done we tweak the post processing settings; SSAO and sharpen are important ones, as they give depth and crispness, which we feel is so important. Having said that, we do use most of the post processing effects but in slight amounts, nothing too extreme.


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Samuel & Joshua McCarthy

"Modelling is an elegant art, Texturing is a profound statement"

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