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Who we are

Reallusion is a 2D and 3D character generation and animation software company. For over 20 years, we have been devoted to real-time character animation, virtual production, and motion capture applications. Our software is a platform for digital human character creation and animation. While emphasizing character scalability for creative and industry projects, our real-time characters are populating across media and entertainment, metaverse, digital twins, architectural visualizations, and AI simulations.

ActorCore interactive 3D characters

Designed for crowd rendering in real-time, our ActorCore lightweight characters are low in polycount, yet fully rigged. With 122 facial morphs, they can perform lifelike facial and talking animations. The models are suitable for different camera distances from long-range to mid-range shots.

ActorCore characters are completely rigged with articulate eyes, jaws, shoulders, fingers, and toes, making it possible to create realistic animations with AAA mocap data. These premade characters are also equipped with uniform facial topology for consistent expression editing and lip-sync control, and merged PBR materials geared for optimal crowd rendering.

ActorCore 3D characters are fully compatible with industry-standard applications including Blender, iClone, Omniverse, Maya, 3ds Max, MotionBuilder, and Cinema 4D, along with cutting-edge game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity.

To know more about ActorCore Characters, please visit our website.


Rigging technology for our characters

To ensure high-quality content, ActorCore characters are produced based on our professional character generation pipeline and evaluated according to our highest standards.

Aiming to reduce inefficiencies in production, we utilize AccuRIG, our free character rigging tool,  to automatically turn static 3D figures into animatable characters in five simple steps, making them ready as FBX files for export to all popular applications. Handy functions are also available to manually fine tune the body and hand rigging with various preset motions to test mobility. To learn more about AccuRIG, see our website.

ActorCore characters for popular demand

Already deployed in digital twin projects including NVIDIA drive simulations, BMW manufacturing visualizations, and Bentley construction simulations, our content has been quickly adopted by professional animators, not only in arch-viz applications, but also in media entertainment, games, and films.

Value-add for our characters

The following are some of the factors we consider in pricing our character models:

  • Natural facial expressions: All our models support natural expressions, and lip-sync animations take longer time to produce and equate to higher production costs.
  • Quality of animation: Each one of our characters comes with two ready-to-use animations. All of our animations are AAA productions, employing professional mocap performers and adopting strict design processes to ensure the best motion quality and flexibility to fulfill all expectations. More about Reallusion animations.
  • Color and material adjustments: With two additional masks included with our models and a complimentary material adjustment tool by Reallusion, it is easy to define the color and material appearance for skin, hair, outfit, and accessories for unlimited character styles. More about color and material adjustments.
  • Market competition: We align prices to the going rate of major digital marketplaces and aim to surpass our competitors in terms of quality.

Our model setup on Sketchfab

The process of exporting models to the Sketchfab Store has been vastly simplified with the native integration in Character Creator. Once the models are exported, 3D settings in Sketchfab can offer a slew of powerful options such as the ability to set up lighting, materials, viewing angles, and animation for first-rate presentations. One can choose from several useful template settings, use background templates that are most suitable for the models, then establish the price and description for each model—it’s all very simple and straightforward!


Why Sketchfab

Partnering with Sketchfab has always been our strategy from both product technology and marketing aspects. Sketchfab is one of the best online marketplaces offering the 3D community access to high-quality content for productions. Our interactive character models are the perfect fit for the Sketchfab store where users are professional and appreciate creativity, originality, and quality. The store also provides high visual rendering quality and an intuitive way for us to start selling models while providing outreach to the community through active blogs, newsletters, and social media, which is simply indispensable.

What’s next for Reallusion

At Reallusion, we continue to raise the standard for character creation and animation. We have developed the next generation of 3D character systems, offering highly interactive, AI-controllable characters that respond to the huge demand for business visualization, particularly arch-viz and digital twins. We strive to provide not only variety and quality but also advanced solutions that definitively exceed expectations for real-time simulation.

For more info about Reallusion, please visit our website or follow us on:

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