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Hi! My name is Roman Gontaruk based in Khabarovsk, Russia and I have been doing 3D since 2007.

I am 27 years old; the first 14 years can be ignored, in that time period you will not find anything interesting about me. Like all average statistical children, I went to school and had average grades. However, thanks to my parents and a computer science teacher, I suddenly discovered the world of computer graphics, and away we go…

I studied articles, magazine clippings, and even bought a textbook, “3ds Max for Dummies”, because in the mid-2000s the Internet was a special luxury for an ordinary family from the provinces. All my work did not go further than my hard drive, but I gained invaluable experience.

Over the past 10 years, I have managed to quit university and re-enter, to get a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. I have worked in several interior design companies, game and advertising companies, and educational and medical institutions. Thanks to globalization, I have worked and continue to work to this day as a freelancer.

Style and flow

Returning to the past, I liked to create everything that I saw in 3D. For the most part, these were household items:

renviros 3d models

When I worked as an architectural visualizer, I closely communicated with interior designers, I studied styles, composition rules, color combinations, etc.

During that time, I realized that designers need good 3D models in order to realize their ideas. They need a lot of models, and a huge assortment, so that they can choose from something.

While studying at the university, I realized that computers are becoming more powerful, software for designers is becoming simpler and architectural visualization, in general, tends to real-time design. Later, In the interior design company where I worked, I started promoting presentations in virtual reality based on Unreal Engine and clients liked it.

Based on this knowledge, I started working on the models that designers need. I adore the Scandinavian minimalist style of furniture, so sometimes I copy products from real sources and sometimes I come up with something of my own.

Let’s talk about business

From the moment I became a seller on Sketchfab, I received many positive reviews from users.

I try to keep prices low so that everyone can afford my models. I understand that customers need to have many models in their projects so I try to model scenes with multiple models (sets):

Setting up

Every morning I browse Instagram, Behance and Pinterest looking for new ideas and inspiration. I collect enough references and start rough work in 3ds Max. I use Marvelous Designer and ZBrush to simulate cloth and add more details. Then I do retopology and unwrapping directly in 3ds Max. After this I go to Substance Painter and do materials in the PBR pipeline. I use and Quixel Megascans to get proper textures for my models.

I do models in a mid-poly way, trying to use 5k to 15k polygons per model, so my models can be useful for medium and close-up viewpoints in all existing engines.

renviros substance painter

Setting up a new scene in Substance Painter that I will release soon in Sketchfab.

Why did I choose Sketchfab?

  1. Since my pipeline is built using a PBR workflow, the fastest way to demonstrate a model is real-time engines. There are several popular real-time renders such as Marmoset Toolbag, Keyshot, or renders inside 3ds Max or Blender, but I have not seen such speed and quality as in Sketchfab. But the most important thing in Sketchfab is you can share a model online with just one click.
  2. Sketchfab has a user-friendly interface. You can set up your model effortlessly, experimenting with light, material, and post-processing settings, and, finally, you can achieve interesting results.
  3. Unlike traditional 3D stocks, Sketchfab has a major advantage: before purchase, you can view a model from different angles, check textures, and UVW mapping. Also, you can show an animation directly in Sketchfab so there is no need to record your screen or render it in video and upload it to video hosting.
  4. If your model has been sold, money is delivered to your PayPal account immediately. I found it to be a very nice point.


I have a lot of ideas about my future assets. Every time I upload a new model I try to achieve a better quality than the previous one. The market of traditional architectural visualization is a bit overfilled, but I see an opportunity to keep creating models for real-time archviz, maintain a realistic quality, and be optimized for game-ready engines.


I want to thank the administrators and moderators of Sketchfab for their great work. I have never met such friendly support before. And thank everyone who likes, comments, and watches my work. This means a lot to me.



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