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Hello, my name is Jonathan, but most everyone knows me as Renafox/Renafox3D. I’m a self-taught freelance artist from rural Georgia, in the US. I’ve been doing 3D as a full-time hobby/job since I got out of high school 4 years ago, but I was always modding games before that.

I’m going to spare you, and not give you my entire life story, but basically I do 3D work for a living. It’s not tremendously high-income, but it’s more stable/promising than anything I can get locally. Basically, I started selling 3D stuff on the internet because I had prior knowledge of modding/modeling for games, and I needed the money because I kinda live in an employment dead-zone, and don’t have the means/money to move. Not exactly what I’d call honorable, or a good role model, but you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess?


When it comes to balancing paid work with artistic stuff, I kinda just end up selling the artistic stuff in the store too, seeing as how most of my models are industrial/vehicle type objects that are usable for general purposes anyway. Most of my store models are assets made for big elaborate scenes I enjoy making in the Unreal engine. It’s how I paint/draw what my imagination comes up with, basically. I’ll share a few of these here:

My main source of artistic inspiration is largely where I live, the messy backwater-esque views I get when riding through the Georgia countryside are really reflected in my work. With my recent forays into 3D scanning and photogrammetry, my work has become what I see outside, and what’s been left lying around the landscape. The inspiration is pretty obvious, when you see what I mean.


Sketchfab Store

I can’t say that I’ve seen very many places where people have used my models and assets, even though I sell quite a good bit. Most people seem to take the models and run, so I have no idea what they do with them.

I generally promote my models through Twitter and Artstation, although they really don’t have the large following that my Sketchfab page does, so in a way, it’s self-promoting.

When I set-up my models in the Sketchfab viewer, I tend to go for less post-processing, even though I do add a “fake shadow” under a lot of my models for viewer/AR purposes.

My models are priced around where everyone else seems to price fully textured, non-animated, game-ready models, although these numbers can go up/down depending on how I personally feel about the quality of my own work. Something that I know was kinda quick and messy is obviously going to be cheaper than something I take a great deal of time to polish.

I really like the Sketchfab store. I had an established gallery and following on there already when it launched, and the fact that the 3D model is a preview of what you’ll be getting is a great bonus that Turbosquid, CGtrader, and all the other big sites really don’t have going for them.


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