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My name is Shaun Williams. I am from England, United Kingdom. My work has been featured in some digital art publications and magazines. I have experience working in Film and animation, Arch Vis, Sci-fi, Concept design & 3D modeling for video games, real-time environments and I also worked freelance Here is one of my published animations which was used in the Big Bang Theory (Warner Brothers) Season 8, Episode 21

I started 3D modeling in the early Late 80s, early 90s not long after 3D was starting to become mainstream for some sci-fi shows and films and replaced the old style miniatures. I have used a variety of software over the decades in 3D and 2D, along with animation and the Unreal Engines 2, 3 and 4. I started on Delux Paint on my old Amiga in the 80s and then 3D apps which started becoming available over time. I came to use tools such as Imagine 3D, Real 3D, Truespace, Auto CAD, Vue, Cinema 4D, Maya and 3Ds Max and many more. Since 2001 I have mainly been using 3ds Max and Maya, as Autodesk is now the industry standard for 3D creation and design.

I have used Photoshop for many years and have learned PBR workflows over the last year. I was a bit late to the world of PBR but I was lucky enough to win a copy of 3DCoat in a sci-fi rendering challenge at the end of the last year and I am so happy I did. I use PBR for all my new models and have spent some time revamping some of my older models in PBR and to be more poly efficient for games and real-time use.

I specialize in sci-fi as it has always been my passion and creating and designing something new is what I enjoy the most. I have worked on many non sci-fi projects, arch vis and education over the years but my real passion has always been for sci-fi. I have watched almost every sci-fi film out there and it has been my favorite genre in games. I take a lot of inspiration for work from sci-fi shows such as Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Space: Above and Beyond, Star Wars, Aliens, Star Trek and many more. I have adopted my own unique style over the years which have a used, industrial and miniature detailed style for a lot of my ships and weapons. I love to design sci-fi with a realistic approach and with VR getting more advanced, it is even better to check out your own designs in virtual reality.

I have a BA Hons (Bachelors Degree) in Games design and have worked on five video games over the last decade; 2 of them are for high-end VR: CDF Starfighter VR and Reficul VR, which are both available on Steam (PC) for Vive and Oculus. I also have my MoonBase Alpha – Modular moonbase on display at the Science And Industry Museum in Tampa, Florida (USA) in the Moonbase Exhibit. I arranged the licensing for this back in 2012 and I believe it’s still on display today.

Selling Models

I have been modeling for over 2 decades but I never started selling my models until 2008. I started selling models on Renderosity and Turbosquid initially and have since put some of my newer collections on some other sites. I never expected to get rich selling my models and it’s a good job because it’s just some extra income now and again if you have a good month. I started using Sketchfab earlier this year as I have gone back to freelance this year after 8 years in games development. I find Sketchfab to be an excellent site which gives the user the ability to inspect models, maps and UVs.

My sci-fi designs and models are very unique and designed on a realistic approach rather than just for looks. With a lot of smooth, shiny and colourful 3D models coming onto the marketplace over the last few years I thought now would be a good time to get some high quality, more realistic sci-fi out there.

After getting a few models up on Sketchfab this year I decided I may as well sell some and use Sketchfab for all my new models. As soon as I have finished a new model I normally put it on Sketchfab to view it myself, so I thought I may as well make it the first point of sale for any of my new models. 3D models are great in Sketchfab, especially if you have VR, and for someone who may be interested in using the model in a project, the Sketchfab inspection tools and the ability to view the model in real time is the best solution all around.

A toolset is included with some cool features to get the right look and feel for the environment and lighting for the model. I tend to keep display on Sketchfab as basic as possible as it is about the model itself, and I want that to stand out the most. I use SSAO and sharpness sometimes along with a very mild depth of field on some models. I have had a busy year with freelance work and I will be spending the remainder of this year getting some new models on Sketchfab.

Pricing and Promotion

When I price a 3D model I take into account the design of the model as well as the modeling and texturing and functionality, if any. I sell my models at a reasonable price considering the time I can spend in the design and modeling process but I do it more for enjoyment than for making a quick buck, so I tend to offer high-quality 3D models at a lower price than average. I do not spend nearly enough time, if any, on promoting and marketing my unique 3D sci-fi models. It is something which I will be working more on over the coming months. My website has not been updated for a while but it does have links to other galleries and some of my Sketchfab models. I have 3 kids and work from home which takes up a lot of my time so it’s just as hard to balance working from home in a very distracting environment all day and night.

Creating New Assets

I create new models when I get the inspiration and have also spent time touching up and modernising some of my older models and designs, some of which are 20 years old. With PBR now in the mix, I have also dedicated some time to revamping and improving some of my older models. I like to create and model environments, spacecraft and props of a sci-fi nature. I am finishing one of my last few sci-fi weapons which, are great in games and VR and then next year I will be getting some all-new spacecraft released.


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