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My name is Oleg Shuldyakov. I have been creating 3D content for more than 13 years. Most of the time I live and work in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. For the last two years I’ve been travelling. I started my career in 3D creating models for various spheres of small industry: designing furniture, outdoor advertising, video advertising. My creations reflect my emotions.

Rich experience allows me to be flexible in the implementation of various tasks. I work in different styles: cartoon style, hard surface, realism, subdivision surface, low poly game modeling and texturing, video production, advertising. For almost 10 years I cooperated with 15 companies around the world and I have 15 completed game projects for PC and mobile platforms.


I founded my own studio SHUOGRAPHICS in 2014

I also created my own project LIVEBOOK3D. The coloring book application will make your pictures live!!! With the help of the Livebook 3D Coloring Book for Kids application it is possible to turn painted pictures into an unusual colorful world, which allows studying the characters from all sides, playing with them and developing imagination. Enthusiastically looking at different pictures and colors on paper, your baby is almost tempted to choose a pencil and show his own artwork. Completed bright pictures will plunge you and your baby into a fantastic world of fairy tales, created with your own hands. Significantly, the application is made with colored pencils and drawn by hand.

EXPANSES This project is at the stage of pre-production.

“Only you build this world. Only you decide what it will be.” Expanses is an amazing story game which action takes place in three unique expanses where all living things gradually die out. It will be released on VR platforms. To interact with objects — just focus on them! • Featuring 3 focus-interaction zones (primary, central, maximum) and nontrivial high quality 3D style. The game supports even the weakest devices! No Start button, Gamepads, GUI. “Build. Destroy. Create your world Expanses”


I prefer to work in unusual styles that are highly optimized in terms of labor and resources. I’m making up my own production and pipeline. I like creating 3D illustrations. I make graphics look like a complicated illustration in real time, and they don’t require processing in any foreshortening. I have been told often told that I succeeded.

Low Poly Art is my favorite style. The broken geometry is assembled into a volume using the color pixels of the texture with additional light sources. There is also the ability to make graphics in their original form without adding effects and lighting.

Isometric Style is a minimalistic and fashionable style. I started working in it just a couple of months ago. The technical feature of this style is that for the whole range of 3D models (and there are more than 300 of them!) we use a 32 * 32 pixel texture. Yeah-yeah, so little! And if we implement it as mobile or AR\VR content, we can easily adapt it to a vertex shader.

Vector Parallax is an experimental style that will be incorporated into creating and presenting the EXPANSES project. In practice I plan to implement it as a series of pseudo 3D interactive books with stories.

For a long time I have accumulated a huge number of assets ready for publication.


I started selling 3D content in order to provide myself with a stable passive income. Now I turn this into a well-functioning permanent income. Subsequently it will become a business.

Basically the pricing is formed by the number of hours spent on the production of one asset. Then I adjust the price according to market interest, and add hashtags and a description. Such parameters as popularity, rating and feedback are also very important. Opinions from other sources (who are not related to the sale of 3D-models) are necessarily taken into account.

Usually the price for one unit of content (within the limits of the stylistic line) ranges from $18 to $30. I personally decide on the introduction of new content, basing my decisions on the analysis of the request market and my own experience. The styles selected for the content pass through the testing phase and have a clear plan of action, adding keywords and improving SEO, which are then entered and indexed.

Periodically, I conduct an analysis of the deficit of this or that style, or the “bee” effect, as I call it. For example, one evening I had the idea to make a Low Poly Art Bee. I looked to see what was missing from markets. А day later I realized my idea as a test having spent 7 hours on it until full realization at the stock sites. 10 days passed and I got 6 sales of a “bee”. That’s how the idea of a “bee”-effect was born. It is necessary not only to count and analyze but also to listen to your own preferences. As practice shows, style is determined mainly by the artist’s mindset, not only by their manager’s analysis.


Promotion is a very lengthy and complex process – it involves a large number of analytics, optimization and testing. It takes a long time to create advertising material. I use my Youtube Channel for advertising. For almost every new 3D model I create an individual 30-40 seconds video with a detailed description, links and keywords/tags. I make posts on my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts with Sketchfab links – they look very attractive in the web feed and lead straight to the product. I upload videos to the social networks, and in the descriptions I include links to resources on my online market. I generate a large number of keywords and links leading to my content in the 3D market.


I use a small number of settings while loading models into Sketchfab: I change the camera’s field of view, using a light background color – this way the model looks the most profitable for the customer and harmoniously fits into the Sketchfab environment. I use 2 light sources from the provided library depending on style of the material setting; Isometric style uses only default base color, while Low Poly art uses PBR. Effects that I use: SSAO default settings, SHARPNESS 15-20, just a little bit of CHROMATIC ABERRATIONS and TONE MAPPING contrast – it gives the most attractive presentation of my works for sale.

Sketchfab is a unique resource in its field. It’s an excellent choice for accomplishing a huge amount of tasks related to the successful presentation and implementation of 3D content and for compiling a portfolio. The similar but simplified functionality of game engines gives an opportunity to present the product as close as possible to the final. A simple and convenient toolkit allows you to achieve excellent results for both beginners and the pros. A very convenient tool for uploading and customization of 3D content makes Sketchfab almost the first among other markets. Тhere are some disadvantages while typing hashtags: for example, it’s not possible to insert a few hashtags at once by separating them with a comma. This is very convenient when I want to upload 20 models at once, similar by their theme and style, but I guess this inconvenience will be resolved soon. Sketchfab allowed users to sell/buy content, has released a mobile application and their own API, works hard in the AR/VR direction, is constantly increasing its audience more and more, and that will bring new sellers and buyers to this site. Well done, thanks for your work!

Thanks a lot to Bart Veldhuizen for the qualitative and almost instant feedback!

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