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Hi, I’m Trevor W. I’m a 3D scanning specialist/generalist managing my company KyberNeticsDevelopment where we provide 2D and 3D graphics for games, advertising, and film.

I have a strong focus on realism though I also enjoy low poly and cartoon styles to keep in practice with a variety of skill sets. As an avid museum and national park enthusiast my whole life, 3D scanning became a passion of mine as a way of preserving antiques, historical sites, and landmarks. I developed my own workflows for 3D scanning and taught myself C++ as well as electronics. I then designed, coded, and built most of my own equipment to suit my scanning needs and automate some of the process to save time.

I started working commercially in 2014 doing game models and character rigging for Unreal Engine 4. Sketchfab was a fantastic way to show models to clients and advertise my skills in a much more engaging way than with still images. As a modeler and designer, not every asset you create for a project gets used; sometimes they get changed 2 or 3 times before a final version is approved. You end up with a surplus of unused assets that you spent time creating with nowhere to showcase them. When the Sketchfab Store opened up, I started listing my models and, to my surprise, they started selling right away!

Deciding what to create

I feel very lucky that work never feels like “work” to me. I really enjoy creating things and taking on new challenges so I feel like my creative artwork is an extension of that. Though my clients always come first, I find the constraints of commercial work to be a great source of inspiration for my personal projects.

Deciding what assets I create can be a bit of a challenge. I typically try to do something unique: either something no one else has created before or something very common but with my own spin on it (usually a stylized version or photo-realistic detail so it’s unique in its own right). I also try to reference what’s popularly sold via the Sketchfab Store (select by category and sort them by best selling), but overall sci-fi, characters, and realism seem to be the biggest sellers across all platforms.

How my assets are used

I create content for a lot of different industries, from games to 3D printing/CAD, advertising, film, and real estate. 3D models are used for all kinds of media and you never know who might need your services. I’ve created an AR face filter by Flamingo Filter on Instagram, pre-vis for Halon Entertainment, digital walkthroughs and AEC (Architecture Engineering and CAD) 3D scans for 1stLookMedia, among many other projects.

I never imagined that 3D modeling would lead to helping people in dialysis treatment centers and it’s been very rewarding!

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Pricing and promotion

I try to price my work around what seems fair. I ask myself what would I pay for something and I research other similar models and reference the price as best as I can. I also factor in the value of my labor I’ve put in and how many times I estimate it might sell.

I’m available for contact and regularly post my recent work and art on my website (Kybernetics Development). If you’re interested in collaborating with me you can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and ArtStation!

Preparation on Sketchfab

When I start to post a model on Sketchfab, I have a lot of options depending on what I’m intending to do with it. I often utilize the Sketchfab exporters that allow me to send files from various softwares (Blender, iClone, Substance Painter) directly to Sketchfab. With such a complex pipeline it really streamlines the process and saves time.

Once I’ve loaded a draft, I’ll play with the camera, depth of field, lighting, backgrounds, and materials to create a great first impression thumbnail of the model, taking composition and the rule of thirds into account. You can really handcraft the final look of your model using the post-processing settings to adjust the color, lighting, and shadows. If your model stands out to people then they are more likely to view and like it. Finally, I’ll publish and share it, using the Sketchfab viewer, screenshots, or video.

Why Sketchfab?

Buying models online until Sketchfab was a bit of a gamble—screenshots and renders don’t really allow you to evaluate a 3D object properly. The model may look good from one angle and not another, or the materials are designed for a render engine not in your pipeline. Oftentimes, bad topology makes assets unusable. Sketchfab provides both a way to see the mesh in its entirety and includes standard PBR workflows that can be used in just about every kind of render engine: Unity, Unreal, Arnold, EEVEE, and Cycles, just to name a few. The viewer has many tools to showcase many different styles of art—everything from ultra-realistic to cartoony, abstract to psychedelic. The post-processing adds so much value to the final look of your piece. It’s nice to be able to include that when you’re showing off your work.

Looking ahead

I believe the biggest markets for new assets in the future are characters and creative designs—creating content that does not exist. I find that the best genres of model to sell are characters, sci-fi, and 3D scans based on Sketchfab’s best-selling & Staff Picked models as well as metrics from other sales sites.

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